Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Invasion of Argent Dawn, EU.

It's been a pretty wicked week, in terms of Warcraft.

Firstly, after wiping my group on Saurfang by accidently sending a whisper instead of casting Frost Nova. I decided to re-bind R (which is default to reply) onto Blink. So, as you might be able to guess, was a little silly. We're all buffed up infront of Marrowgar, I get a whisper, so I hit R. *Poof* my little 2 foot cannon goes. Straight into the room, pulling the 4 headed, axe whirling badass. What happens? He misses his first attack, gets charged by the tank and I live!

So if that wasn't cool enough, after the raid I logged onto the Horde side, catch up on the days events when I notice I have mail. It's from Tam's alt, Kumquat. It was an invitiation, which I quickly replied to by logging onto my long lost, yet very loved, warlock alt.

I was quickly invited to, Single Abstract Noun, a bloggers and blog readers guild which is situated on Argent Dawn (EU) and there's one knocking around over the pond too! It's a fantastic idea and anyone who keeps even the smallest little WoW blog, or reads a few when the servers are down for maintenance should definintly look it up. Great atmosphere to level in, /g never stops (I'm not even kidding...bloggers can TALK) and Chas's deaths never stop happening.

Introducing Darju! My level 41 warlock! There's his imp, looking in the wrong direction (pretty much sums him up in general, useless wanker...) and my awesome hat. The Tabard was designed by Tam - who's alt Kumquat likes Orange...just a little bit too much.

So yeah, my first impressions of the guild are wicked. We've got a wonderful mix of people, some bloggers, some blog readers. Male, female. European and even some token Americans/Canadians! Bloggers cant half mobilise. When called, or they see the special Blog-symbol (like the Bat-symbol but y'know, more awesome) they're there in a flash, armed to the teeth with conversation, witty character names and puns about Tauren.


  1. Is that Whitemane's Chapeau I see before me?

    Thanks for dusting off your warlock for us - it's a pleasure to have you :)

    And, yes, blogger guild chat is ... incredible.

  2. Hey now! There's nothing token about Canadians! :D

    It's killing me that I'm not at home this weekend. :( I can't get at my EU account from here...and every time I try to log into my US account, my parents' computer crashes!

    I've only been a member for a few days, but I think I'm going into withdrawal... ^^

  3. Seems you need to just, remove the "R" key from your keyboard, it causes way too much trouble!

    See ya in RP-ville! Oh and now I know who to hit up for levelling-warlock tips! Yeay!

  4. Hey! I've stopped dying now!

    I've discovered that the secret to not dying while leveling a priest is to... umm ... roll a Hunter.

  5. Keybindings can be a real pain once your muscle memory has adapted to them. I play another game where you open the spellbook with R and the quest log with Q, and that really messes me up whenever I come back to WoW =/