Friday, 30 July 2010

I'ma chargin' mah healzor! (Literally...)

Absolution recently won 10 beta keys via that competition thing that Blizzard had. I wasn't part of the screen shot and I was quite glad actually as I'm not a fan of betas. I've done one in the past and I actually stopped playing the game because it kinda ruined it for me.

I like opening the box like a little kid of christmas day, waiting so very impatiently, as the thing installs and then being "Oooooooh! New and Shiny and shiny and new!" while playing it.

I've been shying away from anything they've been saying. When they talk about it on mumble, I mute the person or take my headphones out and it's going well but I actually listen to what's being said when they talk about class changes.

I dont mind hearing about those, just little bits - how talents are working etc and I've got to say, from taking a look at stuff on WowHead and all that and at the moment other classes have started to take my fancy a little bit more than my rogue.

I suppose having a fair few 80's (6, working on my 7th) will help as I'll have a lot to choose from but at the moment I've been drawn to the idea of a goblin priest.

I've reserved the name and everything and I'm genuinely excited about rolling it. I can see it now in a PuG, when I'm up for being a bit of an annoying bastard...

Tank: h33l m3! omfffffffffffg 1m dy1ng
Me: 100g please.
Others: wuuuuuuuuuuuut? omfg (gogogogogogogogogogogogo)
Me: I'm a goblin. Time is money, friend. 100g per heal.
Others: omffffffffffg *votekick*

Either that or I go shadow and charge 10g per DoT and 5g per Mind Flay tick...

I'd suggested this in /g when I'd first thought about being a goblin healer and Wulfy had said he was thinking of a goblin tank. We could go into business, be right little greedy gobbos!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

yeaaaaah boiiiiiii

It's been a long time coming but after only 5 attempts...

and with that, of course...

Mumble was full of woops, I think a few people might have got a bit too 'excited' and I was grinning ear to ear. Absolution may have been a little late to the party but we're there now and we're downing a bottle of anything we can get our grubby little hands on!

Now that's done, I've got to thinking, what next?

I'm sure there's Hardmodes to be attempting but I was thinking more of what else can I do this expansion. My only real goal was the kill the Lich King before Cataclysm hit and I've done that. Buff or not, he's dead and I'm gloriously happy.

I guess I'll stick to alting around, getting my characters some better gear, levelling my warlock and paladin and waiting for cataclysm just like everyone else. I've got my Goblin priests name all lined up and everything!

Oh yeah, did I mention...


Yeah, that's right. I squee'd. Sue me.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Just because it says RP doesn't mean you have to

Everyone seems to think of RP realms as being these strange places inhabited by weird people that talk like they live in something Chaucer wrote.

We've had a few applications at Absolution recently from people that have server transferred from PvP and Normal realms to these RP realms and all of them have commented on how they believe the people on RP realms to be more mature. Sometimes I cant believe they're applying to join us if they believe there's more mature people on Argent Dawn...

Anyways. People who roll on RP realms are either:

a) Looking to RP.
b) Have friends on the server that have told them that it's not all Shakespearian and shit.
c) Are noobs and thought that RP stands for Really Powerful
d) Got the name mixed up with something said on Die Hard

(I fit category d, if you're wondering...)

But with people transfering from different servers to join more "mature" raiding guilds, I have to agree with Ereios that there's been a shift from RP to a more...PvE feel. Trade is now filled with LFG spam, trolls and just general chit-chat between players. Gone are the days you'd have people in Silvermoon going ((Keep Trade IC please)) when someone was spamming it with LFG messages.

I've been on an RP server for most of my WoW playing days and I've never once RP'd "properly." I truely cant. I had an "RP" set, which consisted of a pink dress, a really, really over-sized mace and a bouquet of flowers - I really dont take it seriously at all.

This is because RP servers are what you make of them. You can PvP until your hearts content, raid until your eyes hurt or you get wankers cramp from button bashing or, you can find others with an RP'ing interest and just enjoy yourself.

The RP on the server page is more of a huge banner saying "You can RP here!'re not going to get ganked, we cant guarantee you're not going to get asked to cyb0r though..."

RP realms aren't full of mature people, every realm has about the same amount, you've just got to look hard enough. The only difference between an RP server and others is you can report the stupid bastards who're called "Arthazz" and "Lickkhing"

Friday, 9 July 2010

and now for something completely different...

With the internets currently turning a firey red, looking at Blizzard like it would very much like to reach through their screens and beat seven shades into them I could write a post about RealID. About how I dont mind the in-game features, as it lets me keep in contact with cross-realm, cross-faction friends but how I feel they've crossed a massive line with all this RealID on the forums bollocks.But I'm not. Like Tam did, I'm gonna have a tea and biccy break from it all. I mean, I've read everyone elses views, saw the forum petitions and heard folk even talking about it in game. My views are basically the same but would be shown without a solid arguement and a lot more uses of the words "fuck" "bellends" and "seriously Blizzard, you're all twats sometimes."


I love little things that Developers put into games. References to famous people, films, books and the like. I found myself smiling when, in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a guy pulls out a shotgun while quoting Aliens. The developers must have loved that film, because they've stuck the cat in there as well.
My favourite is most definintley this one:

Found in Booty Bay, he ends up giving you something so you can use the transporter to get to Gnomeregan.

When you pop out on the other side, you find this guy...

First saw this when I was levelling Jakkru and it put a massive smile on my face. I love these kind of Easter Eggs!

If you've got any favourites either link them in the comments or stick a blog post up :) Just poke me to let me know they're there!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Guild meetups are AWESOME!

I've just spent a fantastic two days back in my "new home" up in Newcastle. After a weekend of trying to sort out bills and being generally bored because of lack of TV, lack of internet and lack of House-mates it was a fantastic relief to get to Monday which was the day I'd planned to meet some close friends for a bit of a piss up. The only difference between this and any other piss up was I'd never talked to any of them face to face.

We all got on like a house on fire, all of us.We were all of student age and 5 of the 6 were English but our 6th guildy had come all the way from Switzerland and boy did he get a shock at the English binge drinking activities.

Highlights of the two days:

-Getting lost in a city I've lived in for almost a year
-Ring of Fire
-Drinking from a Wok
-Never have I ever (Lexor you filthy bastard)
-Tactical Chunders at 12 o'clock
-"Ohhhh, I've got heartburn me" "Drink this" "Okay"
-Accidental doubles
-Kaldraith giving it large on the dance-floor
-Tatters the pizza Vigilanty part 1
-Tatters the pizza Vigilanty part 2
-Arthas tactics at 9am, hanging like bastards
-Putting things in the bin...down a flight of stairs
-The search for breakfast
-The further search for breakfast
-Giving up on breakfast and getting a burger
-Drinks at 1pm
-That girl outside WHSmith
-The train ride to Leeds
-Train ride to Dewsbury
-Finally going to fucking sleep

It was a fantastic night out and will definitly be happening again.
Thanks to Bisson, Lexor, Kaldraith, Tatters/Curdle and Yelnasha for a bangin' time! WoW Friiiieeeennnddssss! *thumbs up*