Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Stormwind Job

I was gonna do an RP post waaaay back but thought I'd combine it a little with Jaedia's little idea. I took my Undead Rogue to Stormwind, to get some description in my little story. Somethings in the game need a little dramatisation, see if you can spot them. I'll give you a clue, one bit is where I fucked up big style and the others are skills which I think are a little silly and needed to be more "realistic." Oh and spot the film reference!

You wouldn't think an Undeads heart could pound but as Jakkru approached the gates of Stormwind he felt as though his would come tearing through his rotting, exposed ribcage. He was tired, having moved in the shadows for the past 2 miles to avoid the risk of a local, or worse, a drunken city guard returning to his post after a night in the Goldshire tavern but he didn't let that affect his judgement, it was 2 in the morning, or around that, the moon was dim tonight, which made for perfect conditions.

His first challenge, was getting past the night guard. Their night vision impared by the torches they held made it a little easier but these guys were paranoid and Jakkru knew it, he'd dealt with them in the past, back before his death.

Hugging the keeps wall as he made his way into the city, he took a small round stone from his pocket, skillfully tossing it behind the guard on the left with the flick of his wrist. The paranoid guard turned sharply and Jakkru skirted past him. He continued over the bridge, dangerously close to the edge, the guards must have been rotating as he couldn't see any on the bridge, or at the posts near it. He breathed a sigh of relief, he hated the Stormwind Guards, having run into them twice back when he was "living." Almost losing his life the second time.

Jakkru's relief left him as quickly as it had come, he rounded a corner to be met by two senior guards, "Intruder!" they bellowed. Jakkru moved from the shadows and dodged the incoming sword, aimed skillfully at his neck. The next attack, was unavoidable, after dodging the first the rogues body had been off balance and he felt the cold steel pierce his side, slicing easily through his leather tunic. "Ahhh!" he screamed, before drawing his daggers, using the hilt of his right hand dagger, he drove it hard into fore-most guards throat, he heard a yelp as the air left the mans lungs and he clutched at his throat. The second guard used his shield to ram the rogue, who side stepped out of the way before throwing a powder in the direction of the guards face. The guard fell backwards, the clang of his armour on the cobbles of Stormwind to Jakkru, was the loudest thing ever. He was but 100 meters in the city and already had the guards alerted. He could hear footsteps rapidly moving toward him and disappeared into the shadows of the alley way. The reinforcements arrived and ran to the downed guards aid, Jakkru took his chance and ducked past into the main city itself.

He was in, and had to act fast. The guards would be swarming the city in a second. He didn't rush though. Rushing made you clumsy, and clumsy got you killed. He used the alleyways to his advantage, no one used them at night, even a great city as Stormwind had it's underworld. Hiding in the shadows, he fashioned what could be called a bandage from a strip of cloth he drew from his pack. He plugged his wound, it wasn't as deep as feared but it pained him something awful. He shook it off and continued through the alleyways.

His target would be near the Stockade, where the criminals of Stormwind were kept and Jakkru had once spent a night before disembowling the guard and escaping. The client had arranged a meeting which of course wouldn't happen, it was a trap to lure the target out at night. He crossed another bridge and made his way to the area, were the target would be. He couldn't see anyone, so ducked behind some crates and barrels left outside a shop.

He didn't know the target, not even a name. He didn't need to know names, just a description and a price. The usual thinking was the higher the price, the bigger the risk and the price for this job had been very high. The client had thrown the gold at him as if it were pocket change. Look where greed gets you, Jakkru thought. He had to stop himself from chuckling, greed was the reason he was here. He couldn't resist a price like that.

The target arrived ten minutes later, with a guard. Jakkru hated guards. They made things complicated and he didn't like complicated.

"He's always bloody late." the target yawned, sleepily. "Time is it?"
"Around 3 in the morn." the guard answered, wide awake. He was big, in full plate armour. Obviously used as a scare tactic for whatever this man dealed with and for protection, for the same reason.

Jakkru crept from his hiding place and was stood a meter from the guard, he moved swiftly, finding the gap between the breastplate and the plate leggings, he grove three fingers between the gap and twisted, he felt the muscles in the mans back tighten and cramp up, he went stiff and wobbled, letting out a groaning noise the target turned to him, "What is i-"

Before the target could finish his sentence, Jakkru's rotting fingers were over his mouth and his dagger deep in his throat. He heard a gurgle come from the man as he choked on his own blood, the guard, helpless let out a muffled groan as Jakkru smiled at him. He dropped the man who fell limp to the floor, in a pool of his own blood. He looked at the guard and winked, before disappearing into the shadows.


  1. Oh wow! Impressive! I love love love your style of writing. THIS is the type of thing I create in my mind for my own toons. In fact, I just wrote about it in my last post. Check it out? Thank you for sharing this little story with us. It really inspired me to follow my ideas through.

    ~Meja/Kaindah from SAN~

  2. Gogo hellfire boi! :) Nice work :)

  3. Nice way to describe your trip to SW. I like this idea of writing fiction around each trip.

  4. @Engel - Thanks alot! <3
    @Issy - Cheers! /hellfires
    @Sven - Yeah, I needed a little reason to go to Stormwind, especially in RP terms, it really didn't make sense

  5. Incredibly atmospheric - I love it Jak :)

  6. Woop :) Nice writing style, I like it ^^