Saturday, 13 March 2010

Good ol' loot QQ and a rant

This post is actually me being a little whiny about loot. I dont usually get annoyed by loot distribution, it's just pixels, in a game but sometimes...sometimes I get annoyed with who gets the loot. If you get what I mean...anyways, I've been meaning to write about this but really didn't get it until yesterday.

If in a pug, all's fair in love and war. Rolls come and go, sometimes high, sometimes low. I can accept that pretty much. I have this little philosophy about loot - if it goes to someone who deserves it and is going to use that peice of loot to it's maximum potential, I have no problems with that. However, recently I've been losing a lot of loot and not to people who are going to use it as well as I am - A neck in a ICC10 pug on my rogue, lost. To someone who was in better gear than I am but pulling 2.5k less dps. A new sissy robe in a ToC25 pug on my mage, to someone who was below the tanks in damage AND dps - hopefully you can see what I'm getting at here, it's kinda a kick in the balls when you know that peice of loot is going to improve your dps but you're denied by a random number generater, which seems to (in my case) like folk that have been carried through content, dont have that much of a clue when it comes to their class dynamics and are just plain...bad. I cant be the only one, right? (If I am, please tell me and I'll attempt to stop being a dick :p)

Anyways, on to my rant. Which comes from the same ToC25 pug in which my 2 foot cannon was denied a nice, new sissy robe.

We'd just downed beasts, only just, the dps wasn't up to much. The tanks under-geared and paladin healer seemed to be healing the entire raid on his own. The raid leader then announced a "smoke break" for himself, the main tank, a healer and a rogue.

Excuse me, can you kill yourself on your own fucking time?

Smoking, in my opinion, is a filthy habbit. It's terrible, it's not big, it's not clever and you dont look sexy. At. ALL. And for myself and 21 other people to get held up for 3-5 minutes while you commit slow, slow, slow suicide using a cigarette? Well, that's just not on.

I took the time to get my, as Larisa would call it - favourite raid snack. Some blackcurrant juice. We killed Lord J after a few wipes and the actually kill... it was very close to a wipe. That 5 minutes had definintly unfocused our group. But I sacked it off and I got ready for a small wipefest on Champs, before the raid would eventually sink like the little fail boat it was.

"5 min smoke break" goes out in /rw. I kick off.

"Excuse me, can you kill yourself in your own time?"
"Is this your time?" the rogue answers.
"Yes, it is, as well as 21 other peoples."
"Well, tough." Rogue replies.

And they go afk. The following event, made me feel like I'd started a revolution. This was me, tearing down the metaphorical WoW Berlin Wall. I was like that guy in Cuba or something or other...

"Screw this guys, I've got the weekly done. I cant be bothered to have 20 minutes added on so people can smoke after every boss we kill." I said, in /ra.
"Me too" replies someone. Who then leaves.
Followed by another, then another, then another, then another. Quickly, the raid had actually disbanded to have what was 25 people turn into 14. Then 10, then 5. Myself and the smokers.

"Wtf?" the rogue says, as he comes back from suicide sticking
"I told you." I reply, before leaving the party and casting a portal. I then said in /s - "This is a no smoking portal, I'm sorry."

I'm that fucking cool.


  1. Lovely story. Actually smoke breaks after every single boss in ToC sounds insane. There you have some addiction! We only have ONE single break in 3.5 hours of raiding. Gives you enough time to have a snack, visit a ladies room, kiss your kid goodnight, get a bit of fresh air or - if that what's you like - kill yourself slowly with a smoke. In exceptional cases we might take a couple of minutes extra at some point of people seem to have lost focus and need some fresh air. But smoke breaks after every boss - that's probably something you only see in a bad pug.

  2. Marry me, Jakk?

  3. 5 minute smoke break after a 5-10 minute boss encounter? Genius.

    Viva la revolucione!

  4. Any further comments will be deleted, I'm sick of this little pissing contest.