Monday, 24 May 2010

I want your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.

Getting hacked isn't a very nice experience. Getting hacked after failing an Exam? Fucking terrible experience.

I come back from pretty much failing, attempt to log on but first, decide to check Facebook. Some friends had been trying in vain to get a hold of me. I'd been hacked. After running a scan, I found nothing on there. Scanned again using different stuff, nothing. I changed the password, stuff like that. Got on.

Everything was naked. All gear had been sold, the stuff that couldn't be sold was in my bank, my bags had been sold. Absolute bastards. They'd also nicely grabbed a fucking tonne of stuff from 3 of the guilds my characters are in. Which makes me feel like a right wanker (thankfully, 2/3 have gotten the stuff back so far).

I got my gear, gold and badges pretty quickly on Argent Dawn but I'm still waiting on stuff on my characters on Darkmoon Faire. I'm also ordering an Authenticator.

There isn't a point to this post. People that do this are complete pricks. It's stealing, granted, it's not exactly something material but the amount of time I spent on my characters made looking at them in ruin made me a little bit sick. Infact, it's completely drained my will to play - atleast until I get an Authenticator. I'd highly suggest anyone that actually reads this blog (yeah, I know - lol!) and doesn't have an authenticator gets one. It's quite brutal getting hacked. Fucking wankers.

In other, more light hearted news, with the end of exams comes more time for blogging! Expect an RP post up pretty soon, I mean, I know people are 'dying' (once again, LOL - yeah right) to find out how the Battle for Warsong Gulch goes. I've also got a few thoughts on Heroic ICC10 (which was really, really fun but at the same time, kinda hard) and just my general pugging from the past month or so. It'll be good to get back but it'll be better once all my stuff has been restored.

Sorry to anyone affected by it - Members of Absolution, Enthusiasm and those awesome folk at SAN. Sorry <3

Friday, 7 May 2010

Good News Everyone (Rogue-out GONE!)

Last night was a good night. Absolution downed Putricide after a Tuesday night raid which didn't even see us get him into the third phase. However, last night, with a few tweaks to the line up things were going well. It took a few tries to get everyone woken up but after that, things were going well. Really, really well. We were hitting Phase 2 after the first green slime went down. Raid damage was minimalised to hell and everyone's dps was brilliant.

However, 3 times in a row we got (as our hunter for the evening so 'elegantly' put it) the definintion of a kick in the balls. Wipes on 4%, 3% and 0.9%. This guy is one tough cookie. He's the equivalent of putting a Maryland cookie in a freezer.

After out 10 minute break, we came back and killed him. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't stylish and as far as kills go it was like a drunken brawl outside a club, were both parties get fucked up but one less so. Our tanks were the only one's left alive - one of them had 256hp when he was killed. This time it was Putricide who got his scrotum introduced to our raids trainers.

So this first part, is basically just a big shout out to the guys at Absolution. Thanks for the fun, thanks for the positive attitudes and thanks for the banter on Mumble. For the first time in a long while I've enjoyed playing my rogue. I've missed it a lot <3

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Battle for Warsong Gulch, pt 1

It's been a while since I posted the next part of my RP thingy. I've been really busy with work and not really had to motivation to proof read and make it into parts. Enjoy!

The line was spread thin. Everyone there know this but they had the advantage of the higher ground, if you could call the slight slope leading to the Horde armies line. Nalria and Jakkru were stood together the middle, 4 men from the Horde Lieutenant, the Horde Standard flying behind him. Juljin was on the left flank, it was spread very thin but then again, so was everywhere else. Kranan was on the right, in the very front of the line he seemed to be the only one without a shield. They’d been there for around an hour, many warriors had taken their helmets and shoulder guards off and were sat on the grass. They’d been waiting for the arrival of the Alliance and for the past 10 minutes the Humans and their allies had slowly formed ranks, under numerous banners about 400 yards in front of them.

“They know we’ve got the high ground! They want us to attack them!” the Lieutenant was bellowing, cheers came at the sound of attack but he wasn’t finished yet. “But we will not!” Silence fell around him. ‘Pretty smart for an Orc’ Jakkru thought to himself. “We will let them come to us! We will kill them where WE stand. For the glory of battle, for the warchief, FOR THE HORDE!” he screamed. The sound that followed was deafening to Nalria but she could still hear her own heart beating. She was terrified but wouldn’t let anyone see it. She joined in, screaming until her lungs hurt. Bashing her sword against her shield to add to the sound.
The sound brought memories flooding back to Juljin, he breathed in the air deeply and reached into his belt-pack, picking out a fresh string for his bow, which he quickly restrung. He looked at the sky, the conditions were good. Rain could destroy their chances of victory, their main advantage other than the ground they held was their bows and as he had quickly scanned the Alliance ranks he could see their archers and gunmen were few.

Kranan was first to see the drums moving forward, huge even in comparison of the giant Tauren which carried them, they walked slowly and the line parted, leaving a huge gap for them to get through. The three Tauren bellowed and this incited the Horde even more. The sound was deafening as the drums sounded out. With the sound, men round out but not to attack. They taunted the Alliance, rude gestures flew back and forth between the two sides as if it were a battle a Hunter ran from the line and let loose an arrow which fell short. The Alliance jeered to which the hunter replied by running further forward and loosing another arrow. This one landed true and a dwarf fell from the line, clutching at his throat.
The Lieutenant had saw the dwarf fall and the screams of anger from the alliance could be heard, they’d been slowly advancing to what they thought was a safe range. “HUNTERS!” he bellowed, “FORWARD AND LOOSE!”

Juljin turned to Dehyo, “Stay ee-ah” he said as he ran forward, drawing his bow. He aimed into a group of soilders without shields and let fly. Loosing 2 more arrows before the first had landed. He saw men fall as arrows thudded through their weak leather armour. “LOOSE!” came the cry from the Orc he’d first met at the camp. “COME ON YOU MOTHERLESS DOGS!” he screamed, but this time at the Alliance troops. The screams of men being hit could be heard. The Alliance had made their first mistake and would either have to retreat back or attack.

“Steady yourselfs.” The Lieutenant yelled around him. “Stand strong! FOR THE HORDE!” again, the warriors around him were whipped into a frenzy, screaming at every Alliance solider that fell, yelling with joy at the bloodshed. “The FOOLS!” the Lieutenant cried again. Just as he’d said this, a cry came from the Alliance and their soliders started to charge. The Lieutenant smiled to himself and 4 men away, Jakkru was grinning too. “HOLD STEADY! FOR THE HORDE!” more shouts heard as Nalria pulled the visor of her helmet down to protect her face.

Juljin noticed the line break and let loose a final arrow, not even checking to see if it landed he turned and ran. He saw others following and others standing, one Hunter had drew a giant axe and was charging at the wall of Alliance by himself. Juljin made it back to the line and ducked through a gap which the warriors had made. He could see over the top of the Orc infront of him and could see Hunters running back still. “HOLD!” he heard someone shout. The Alliance were closing in, this was it. He drew his bow again and let loose, aiming at groups and men in weaker armours. They were close now, 20 meters, they’d started to slow, the slope was taking it’s toll on their legs, 10 meters, 5 meters. The sound of the shield on shield was deafening, followed by the screams of the men who’s been stuck with swords would break the hardest of men but Juljin continued to shoot behind the line, as the warriors but 5 meters infront of him hacked and slashed, blocked and parried attacks. An orc fell, blood spurting from his neck but another took his place in the line. In the distance, drums sounded again.

Kranan moved out of the way as the Tauren carrying the drums moved as fast as they could to the back of the line. He whispered some words to the spirits, asking for protection and their fury. He could see the faces of the men charging him already and picked a dwarf. “EARTHERN SPIRITS, I COMMAND YOUR FURY!” he bellowed, and the dwarf flew backwards, knocking two men behind him over, blood poured from his face. The men were closing now. Kranan swung his mace, connecting with an unfortunate human, who was flung to the left as Kranan kicked the spikes free from the man’s side, blood poured everywhere and the scream was deafening. He swung again, as if they mace weighed nothing in his hands, connecting once again with someone. Kicking the weapon out again he parried an attack with the shaft of the axe, before ramming it into the attackers face. He turned to see the warrior next to him headbutting a screaming Human because he’d lost his axe. Men screamed all around but their line was holding.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Conqueror of Chilled Things

After many months of praying, the weekly was finally Malygos! Why Malygos? Because he's the last boss I need to be a Champion of all things Frozen.

I thought it would be fantastic, everyone would be looking for people to do it, just like they do when it's any other weekly. Yeah, get fucking real Jakk...

I spent 4 days looking for a group. I missed out on the guild run because of a conflict in my schedule (that's right, schedule!) so I was left with the only other option - pugging Malygos.

I really dont see what all the fuss is about. I really dont. I'm not trying to get my wowcock out or anything, I'm not calling people who find Malygos difficult noobs or anything, this is just my opinion - I dont find Malygos hard. Infact, I find him one of the most fun bosses in the game. Phase 1 and 2? Yeah, they're good, something for everyone - you've got your tank and spank/dps your heart out. You've got your adds phase, with different jobs for melee and ranged and you've got your not standing in the (arcane) fire™ but it's Phase 3 which throws people and this is the part I dont understand. Infact, it's one of the easier of the vechile fights in the game, this is just my opinion, once again, not trying to helicopter the wowpeen or call anyone retarded or anything. I'm also not intending to offend smokers, either. (Just covering my tracks, dont want to offend anyone...)

I mean, you group up. Every 10 or so seconds, you all move to the left or right. DPS and the tank press 1 until X combo points, then press 2. If the big, obvious, yellow /rw pops up that Malygos is staring you out, you press 5. The healers, instead of doing damage, heal and the same counts for it Malygos is starting to get rowdy. You do that for the last 1.8 or so million HP and Bobs your aunties uncle or something along them lines.

So anyways, after deciding that looking for a pug wasn't really getting me anywhere I decided on forming my own and we downed him after 1 wipe. I was a happy bunny, 9 others were happy bunnies and 1 of those 9 was very happy because he got himself a nice looking shield for his RP set. I even got a few /w's informing me of peoples happiness and thanks for leading the group, which is actually a first and I've lead a few pugs in my time...

Anyways, without further-a-do, I introduce to you...