Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Whiny Post Day: ...and when you cant do that anymore, you get someone to carry you.

Other than today be St. Patricks day, other than me finishing my 2,000 word essay on Globalisation in 2 hours and 10 minutes, other than the fact there's a crate of Strongbow with my name on it in the kitchen and other than the fact I really need to run to the University office to hand said awesome essay in, I can still find time to whine.

Ahem, so on the theme of Whiny Post Day - which was this guys brain child. I shall have a little bit of a winge.


You know what I mean, that guy in the raid that is pretty much...crap, but you bring them along on the off chance that amazing gear you've gotten them by carrying them through all these instances might just make them into a better player.

Now, you cannot carry a tank. Unless in ToC10, where you can, kinda...You can carry a healer, but it's not easy so the majority of the time - you're carrying dps.

Dont get me wrong, I dont mind carrying undergeared people through, who when geared will be melting my face on the dps meters, will get better tanking/healing gear and be a valuable asset to raids. Hell, I've been carried through ToC10 on my warrior, I couldn't tank it, so I went in as loldps and was pretty much a spectator for the majority of it.

I dont even mind carrying the occasional guild member, infact, guild alts get carried a lot during the gearing stage. One shaman healer almost solo healed ToC10 when I was gearing Kranan, I pretty much healed him (when he took what little damage he did), myself (when I took large amounts of damage because standing in the fire is something I'm guilty of) or, shitting myself when it went tits up on Anub and he died and I had to heal the last 3%.

What I do kinda mind, is during PuGs. The whole "Link achievement and gearscore lol" is done, so that less people get carried. When I lead pugs, I prefer a good ol' inspection, rather than getting a number which pretty much means you can use the LFG tool effectivley.

Take yesterday for example. I went to ICC10 on Jakkru, as I missed the guild run this week. It was a partly another guilds run, but they lacked 3 dps. So I went as the token rogue and a mage joined.

He was in decent gear and I'd raided with him before and I knew, then and there, we'd be carrying him and anything that wasn't red would get rolled on before you could say "needers roll now." He was obsessed with gearscore, which didn't do him any favours as the elemental shaman who was 1.6k lower than him in gearscore, destroyed him on dps. It's these kinds of people that really annoy me when they win loot over someone who'll get more out of it. But what you gonna do, it happens everywhere.

People get carried. Be it in a rugby game, when one of the props you play with insists he's actually a thin person on the inside and decides he'll stand out of a ruck/maul with the backs. Or that guy who's late to all the group work for a seminar. They'll get carried and get their share of the glory, marks or in WoW, loot. It's life and as Forest Gump so gormlessly said it - Shit happens.


  1. I will answer your ranty post with a ranty comment of my own.

    A couple of days ago, my BIS kitty weapon (before Arthas anyway) dropped. It was a nice, sexy staff. I rolled on it. And then a hunter did, too. Putting aside the fact that the weapon was a 600 dps upgrade for a cat and a 100 dps upgrade for a hunter, this particular hunter was BAD. He was doing 3k dps in a 25 man. And he was carrying a STRENGTH weapon. We carried him every week.

    Guess who won the weapon?

    Yeah, of course.

    My back hurts from all the carrying. And so does my heart at seeing my precioussssss go to the carried.