Sunday, 21 March 2010

3 priests, 1 warlock (and the token paladin)

I've spent the majority of my time levelling solo on my warlock, which is in the bloggers guild Single Abstract Noun. This is probably because there was a large difference in level - everyone had started level 1 alts and there I was, the big cheese, with my level 36 warlock.

I'd been using the LFG tool and found it to be hit and miss on groups, some times being awesome others being complete boats of the fail variety.

So when some guys in S.A.N had caught up with me level wise (which was bloody fast, I may add!) I had someone to do a random with and I tell you this, my god it was a breathe of fresh air.

The group consisted of 3 priests, two of which spent the first 5 minutes of the run politely going "You can heal if you want." "No, you can if you want." "Seriously, you can heal." - I've never seen that before, EVER. It was great, if a little confusing when it came to applying a soulstone. We had the token paladin tank in there too, who was pretty much awesome. Even when I decided I was pulling a mob so I could go mine some precious mithril. Then there was me, who made everyone else look 20 times better.

I recently have gotten the reputation of being "Hellfire boi" (thanks Issy, it's spread through the guild!) mainly due to me being a bit silly and hellfiring myself to death while I was trying to find my book. I also have it because I use that as my main form of AoE (I wont do at end level, but while I'm grinding away in instances, I'm gonna do what I want!). It's a wonderful warlocky spell - damaging yourself a little to harm the enemy for loads? Check. Got the word "Hell" and "fire" in it? Check. Looks uber cool? Check.

It took 3 priests spamming Holy Nova to keep me alive on some AoE pulls but it was definintly worth it. I even got a "calm it down, hellfire boy!" over vent - inbetween Ercles playing some jazzy tunes after finding how to stream stuff on Ventrilo! All in all, random dungeons have never been as fun (or as jazzy!)


  1. That run was epic quantities of fun! <3 hellfire boi!!

  2. Gutted I missed it :)

    <3 Hellfire boi :)

    You know you love it :)

  3. Pain Supression + Bubble + Power Infusion + Hellfire = Win!