Friday, 26 February 2010

I'm tellin' ya, wipin' ain't easy.

I marched fearlessly into ICC10 the other day on my mage. I was with my Alliance side guild so I was pretty confident on everyone's ability - They're not hardcore raiders but they've got Blood council down before and we regularly do Festergut before our somewhat very little time is over (they only raid for around 3 hours. 7pm-10pm GMT!)

Everything was nice and smooth, Marrowgar - One shot. Deathwhisper - One shot. Gunship - One shot.

Now it's time for my little confession. We wiped on Saurfang because of me. It was all on me, I noobed out.

We were running melee heavy, only myself and a warlock were ranged. So we took one side each, not too hard, especially with the awesome burst that Arcane has. Everything was going amazingly well, he was at around 40% and hadn't popped his mark on anyone yet. Beasts spawn and BOOM. I die. Beast kills healer, other healer, warlock. Tanks die, melee die, lots more death, Saurfang laughs a little and it's a wipe.

"What happened there, Krinkal?" I was asked.
"Sorry guys! Lag spike" I lied.

It wasn't a lag spike...

On my action bars, Frost Nova is Number 4. Number 4 is directly over R, which is a reply to a tell. In my haste to stop getting hit by a blood beast, I had stabbed wildly in the direction of the number 4 but instead hit R. The tell I sent to my friend who'd recently transfered his hunter to the alliance side was epic.


I actually laughed to myself. My friend laughed at me but I couldn't admit it to the guild, no matter how epic my whisper had been.

After doing this, I immediatly remembered some of my best wipes Horde side. My favourite has to be wiping a group in Pit of Saron while on my healer because I was too busy fanboying all over guild chat.

Someone had mentioned Firefly and I couldn't help myself. I dove in and was waist deep in a discussion about why Jayne Cobb is the best character in the show when people started to die. That 8-10g repair bill was worth every penny although my group didn't agree and when it happened a second time when I telling another guildie that I only started watching Chuck because Adam Baldwin was in it, I was swiftly kicked. Once again, worth it.

Some wipes in guild have become famous - A healer too busy eating toast to heal? Check. Hunter leaving aspect of the taxi on? Check. Tank too busy saving his curry he'd dropped on the floor? Check. Someone hitting numlock instead of push to talk and hearing them squeel as they hopeleslly run to their doom? Yep, that's there too.

But hands down, my favourite wipe has to be a story that I was told by a fellow guildy (I cant actually remember who it was...shame, really). Apparently, they wiped because their healer had to go afk, to get to cover due to incoming mortar strikes. That's right, the guy was playing Warcraft in an actual Warzone. Dedication, you sir/madam, have it.


  1. Heh.. you would probably have found they laughed if you had admitted it :) We've all done it, not so epicly maybe ;)

    I was just trying to think of my *best evah* wipe, but had a memory fail..

    I have spent a lot of time falling after a suicidal troll down cliffs recently if that helps though :)

    I like the warzone story.. bet he had some cracking sound effects :D

  2. The Jayne Cobb wipe inspiration was me! I demand credit! :P And it was totally worth it. Adam Baldwin is WORTH your repair bill.

    Also this is classic... embarrassingly the sort of thing I do as well. It's amazing how many people have "lag spikes" in WoW ;)

  3. I still can't forget the epic wipe I caused on Hakkar back when he was starter raid content.

    I played hunter, and as it was my duty to pull his Sons up to his platform I was making a macro to cast Arcane Shot and do a raid notification that I was doing my job. Doing the test, my chat window looked something like this:

    [Me] Pulling son!
    [Hakkar] PRIDE HERALDS...

    Yeah, I had pressed my macro with the boss targetted. No way to hide that one, luckily the rest of the raid took it with a laugh.

  4. I used to fight in /r all the time, in the end I unbound the damned thing. You can still reply by physically typing return-slash-r and it means I don't do stuff like that *quite* as much.

    Also it means I can have my interrupts bound to a nice accessible key.

  5. Forgot to MD in Ony 25m
    Raid = Dead
    Me = Kicked

  6. Back in TBC we had an epic wipe on Magtheridon as one of our tanks went afk with the words "pie on the floor" - what was even funnier was that it was a typo and he had *meant* to say that he was about to pee himself.

    My absolute favourite ever happened in SSC though, on the way to Leotheras. The tanks were told to position the trash with their backs to the wall since there were knockbacks, but of course someone promptly got knocked into the water. Some mobs followed, some healers followed to heal the tanks, some dps followed to kill the mobs, and within seconds we had a complete and utter mess on our hands. People tried to climb out of the water and got out at the wrong spot, some of the mobs cast mind control... the last thing I did before I died was follow one of our druids up the entirely wrong pipe, then an enhancement shaman got mind controlled and smashed my face in. It was pure hilarity. ;)