Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Pre-expansion blues and me.

I've hardly been on Warcraft in the past 2 weeks. I've logged in now and then to have a bit of a chat with the guilides and some friends but other than that, I've just been running round in circles in Dalaran. So it's not surprising that I came to the conclusion that I am bored of the game currently.

The patch, with all it's new changes and stuff was supposed to inspire me, or something. Many of the people in guild have started to play more due to the changes to their class etc but I've found it less of an incentive to play.

Don't get me wrong, I dont mind the changes at all, they were fun for a 2 day lets-have-a-look-at-what's-new binge but now, I really dont know what to think.

I liked to hop between my alts, level my Paladin for a bit, do a random on the forever stuck at 74 warlock or maybe a few heroics on an 80 if I got -that- bored but now, I dont.

I dont know why but the recent changes have made me feel like everything is getting a little too similar. I dont level my paladin anymore, as she feels like a cross between a rogue and warrior, my two oldest characters and ones I've got the most played time on.

Forever stuck at 74 warlock feels to much like an old school hunter and my hunter after about 2 randoms starts to feel like a really, really broken rogue. Which is a shame because I was looking forward to the focus change the most out of all the changes.

I've, however, been liking the mage the most, because frost is 'cool' (har har, a pun!) and I like the pretty floating procc things that Blizzard have put in. The warrior is same-old, same-old but with a angry version of mutilate and the DK is weird but the kind of weird that you like. However, being a stones throw from Cataclysm, the perfectionist in my has kinda turned that robot off Hitchikers Guide - "Oh what's the point!" seeing as they'd just be collecting shiney gear that will be sold, destroyed or disenchanted as soon as I reach level 82.

Ah well, roll on Cata, roll on Goblins and roll on something that's new. Jakk's had enough of this expansion, it's too fucking cold and I've done nothing but kill undead for the past few months.

Thursday, 21 October 2010


Since moving back up to Newcastle and getting back into the swing of things at University, I've not had that much time for WoW and when I have it's mainly been to log in, chat and log back out again.

I'd also had no time to read up about the changes in the patch, so when, one boring Wednesday afternoon I attempted to log in to find that 4.0.1 had been dropped on my face, I was like "ohhhh shiiii-"

I'm still pretty confused, having spent 90% of my time attempting to kill the training dummies on my characters and the other 10% was running around trying to tame new pets on Korgah. I have however realised one thing - I dont need a big-fuck-off-glowing-thing around Frostbolts, Blizzard, I kinda know what my main filler is for a Frost mage...

More to come when I finally get to do something other than go "How much for a glyph?!"