Tuesday, 9 March 2010

On a lighter note...

After my post yesterday which was (unusual for my blog) quite doom and gloomy, I thought I'd lighten the mood with a massive...

FUCK. YOU. BLIZZARD. *Flips the bird*

Yesterday, I finally got my axe. After months of grinding for an axe, any axe, ANYTHING AT ALL. I finally get one. Oh and it equips across the back and is therefore, more awesome than any other axe. (I realise, I said "axe" a lot in this little paragraph but fuck it. Axe axe, axey AXE)

An axe, ZOMG!

"I'm a Lumber-Jakkru and I'm okay!" - Thanks Issy for the axe, brought a smile to my day when I logged in :D

So yes, I got my axe. My hunter has two of them (by the way Blizzard, thanks for that. Pricks) but this was more special, it was well and truely earnt and I had a good time, even if I did piss and moan about it, grinding instances for it. All I need now is new boots and I'll be the happiest rogue ever!

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  1. Heh, the Lumberjack Axe dropped, and I had an *I saw this and thought of you* moment :P