Thursday, 11 March 2010

Okay, you lost me.

The Deathbringer Saurfang fight confuses me. Well, the Horde side of it does. The Alliance side just has some terrible voice acting and a crying girl.

Basically, what I dont get is this - Saurfang (the older, not the one you're meant to fight) is hard as nails, right? He's so 'ard, his nightmares are scared of him. Thrall's pet name for him is "Mohammed-I'm 'ard-Bruce Lee." He's the cock of the Horde. How come, he gets so subdued so easily but a boss that's basically become a cake walk?

The /e of Saurfang charges made me think, the first time I did it anyway, that he was going to Cleave the undead right out of his son. I wouldn't have to do anything, wicked. But no. He gets choked, by some ability the Lich King has bestowed on Saurfang the Younger. The same ability he neglects to use against the 10 (or 25) people that then proceed to kill him, take his loot and let his daddy cry over his body.

This is one thing that has got to me over my time in Warcraft. The bad guys doing stuff to NPC's and completely leaving you alone.

Case 1
Saurfang vs. His Son - Choking ability, completely fucks up the Kor'kron and Saurfang for the entire fight. Does it get used on us? Nope. He calls some blood beasts and marks someone, that's about it.

Case 2
The Lich King vs. Trial of the Crusader - Seriously, the Lich King has had SO many chances to kill us, yet he doesn't. Trial of the Crusader? Arthas strolls in, doesn't touch the raid, that Argent Crusade paladin, the Alliance king or that really Angry Orc.

Case 3
The Lich King vs. Drakuru - We kill the evil troll (mon!) that has basically given Arthas a new army of undead voodoo. Instead of pwning us? He lets us live because he can find a use for us - yep, we can kill you and get a nice title and a really gay fountain in Dalaran.

Back on point to the Saurfang thing - I'm not asking for the boss to be undefeatable. That'd be pretty shit. I just think that fighting alongside Saurfang while he's trying to kill his own son would be 40 times more epic than letting him slowly choke to death. Imagine it...

Saurfang: Taunt him off me champions, he has weakened me!
Tank 1: Okay! *Taunts*
Tank 2: I'll go DPS then, shall I?
Saurfang: No! You are needed champion! Taunt him off Tank 1, for he is also weakened!
Tank 2: Oh! Right, yeah! *Taunt misses*
Saurfang: You dont have the taunt glyph? What the hell?! I cant work under these conditions! Fuckin' noobs!

That'd be well cooler than...

/e Saurfang gasps for breath and attempts to hide his Hangman's erection
Saurfang: Thanks...*splutters*...guys...would have been fight fucked if it wasn't for you!
Raid: It's okay, mind if we grab your sons worldly possessions to use as gear?
Saurfang: Sure, sure...
Raid: Thanks. Oh wait!
Saurfang: What?
Raid: Can we quickly screenshot this? Y'know, to show we killed him?
Saurfang: *Sighs* Be quick
Raid Leader: Okay, guys, get round his body. Rogue 1 - no gang signs!
Rogue 1: Awwwwh
Raid Leader: I'm kidding throw it up ther- Mage 1! Stop making dumbass faces, seriously!
Mage 1: Sorry!
Raid Leader: Okay on 3, everyone say "Saurfang's dead so-" TANK 1! Why do you have Saurfang the Younger posed like he's giving Tank 2 a blowj-
Saurfang: ENOUGH! Blah blah blah, honour, blah blah blah, remember, blah blah blah, regeants and repairs now available blah blah blah *cry*

But it isn't like that, so I'll have to make do and just get my 2 badges every week from a boss which will forever have me thinking two things, "Saurfang has gone soft with age" and "This is like Star Wars but...backwards."


  1. "Saurfang vs. His Son - Choking ability, completely fucks up the Kor'kron and Saurfang for the entire fight. Does it get used on us? Nope."

    - Good point, but it's like everything in this game thats basically an OP ability. It has a giant cooldown. Afterall, if Arthas gave him an ability that mental AND it was spammable, he'd be kinda stupid.

    "Oh hey so I know I killed you and sucked out your soul and everything, but here, have these awesome superpowers and like, please don't use them on me and stuff!" *nervous laugh*

    Lets just be thankful he blows his awesome cooldown at the start of the fight eh, so we just get whatever's left over!

    (honestly though, I see your point, it's kinda BS, but what can ya do, it's a video game about dragons and orcs and stuff, it's not always gonna make perfect sense :D )

  2. I can get behind junior going bananas after being turned into a DK (actually, if i'd be forced to only play DK in WoW, i'd go pretty apeshit too), after all, things like this happen in fantasy worlds, vampires being the best example. After being turned, they all go rampaging to quench their thirst. Sure, there are exceptions, and some of the vampires grow bored of the hunt after several centuries, but generally speaking, they embrace their new self.

    What i can't get behind, is Dad's attitude. "My son died at the wrathgate", whoa, whoa, hold on there, pops, the forsaken died, the ebon blade died, yet they still broke off from the LK's influence, maybe you should have a sit down with your offspring and try to work it out. Show him that painting of him and mommy in the plains of nagrand, who knows... Sure it would be a boring encounter, 10 minutes of persuasion, but then we'd get our lewt for free, eh ? They could've brought Drek'thar to invoke some shamanistic spell, and separate the evil essence of Junior, and we'd fight that, i dunno.

    So Saurfang Sr. might be tough as nails, but he definitely fails at parenting. I hated that scene too. I kinda hate all icc from the lore perspective... but meh. If I want cool wotlk lore, i'll go back to ulduar.

  3. Fighting alongside Saurfang would have been awesome. In fact, if there was one Horde NPC that I think players would love to fight beside, like ACTUALLY FIGHT beside and not just guard, it would be Saurfang or Thrall.

    Hell, they could have done it by having Saurfang defend our backs from legions of scourge climbing up onto the platform from behind. Have a quick "I can't fight my boy, heroes you must do it!" or something and have him just turn around and oblitercleave a hundred scourge off the edge...would have been great.