Wednesday, 31 March 2010

It's never just a simple job anymore.

Another RP post. I'm really enjoying writing these, althought this little installment is a LOT shorter than the beginning.

Juljin awoke, stirring from an uneasy sleep, his eyes drifted from opening to closing and he squinted the remaining tiredness from them. It was daylight, and sun was pouring in from in-between the trees. Jakkru was squatted against a tree, carving a peice of wood with a knife. The troll let out a sharp sigh, half in surprise and the other in relief – the rogue hadn’t killed them in their sleep. It would see the shaman had a small amount of control over him. Juljin sat up and stretched his long arms. Dehyo was curled up a few meters away, as was Nalria, using her shield as a makeshift pillow. He could hear the sound of the groups mounts, tethered to a tree. Kranan was fast asleep, the shaman needed his rest, and he’d taken a harsh beating. Getting to his feet, he stretched again; Jakkru didn’t even look up from his carving. Juljin walked over to his War Raptor, jet black with white markings on it’s haunches and face. It made a clicking noise as he approached and screeched quietly. He petted its nose and opened the saddlebag, taking out some bread. Tearing a chunk off and tossing it in the air, the raptor caught it with a snapping motion of its jaws. His raptor tilted it’s head after tasting bread instead of meat, “It all I got,” he replied, stroking it’s nose again. His companion’s mounts looked at him hungrily, he fed Nalria’s wolf and walked off, back to the camp.

Jakkru saw the hunter get up and walk to his mount, even letting a little grin out when he noticed he didn’t feed his Dreadsteed or Kranan’s Kodo. He finished carving the figure of the woman and placed it in his pack. He heard Kranan groan as he awoke, lifting himself up and winching in pain, “Are you sure you’re not a female?” Jakkru said, the shaman didn’t respond with words but aimed a rude gesture at the rogue. He stood up and walked to the shaman, pulling a vial of purple liquid from his pack. “C’mere...” he said, grabbing the Taurens chin, his hand dwarfed by it.

Nalria only awoke because of Juljin kicking her shoulder lightly with his foot. “Ge’ up” he said, and passed some bread to her. She looked around, half expecting to see the other two gone but saw the Rogue tending to the Shamans wounds, almost in a friendly way. “How far is the town?” she asked sleepily, whilst rubbing her eyes. “A few hours.” Juljin answered.

The four arrived at the town in the early afternoon, collecting their bounty from the head of the town, who quickly left the room. Nalria split the money into 4 and handed Kranan and Jakkru their share, the rogue opening the pouch and emptying the contents onto a table and counted. Kranan, a little more trusting placed the money in his pack. Juljin nodded at him, and Nalria said goodbye and they headed for the door, Jakkru still counting and not even responding. Juljin and Nalria walked to the door leading out of the room when it opened. A large, muscular Orc stood there, with the head of the town behind him. “These four?” he growled, motioning towards them. The Town’s Head nodded. He pulled a rolled scroll from his belt and handed it to Juljin, it bore the seal of Orgrimmar. The Orc turned had gone, leaving the head of the town in the doorway, smiling awkwardly. “I’m sorry,” he said, “I was under orders to tell him when someone had killed the bandits.” He scurried off, leaving the four of them in the room.

Juljin opened the scroll, and read it quickly. “We’re too report to Sergeant Zortha in Orgrimmar.” He said, looking at Nalria, then at Kranan. “Too hell we are.” Jakkru hissed, “I did this for the money, not for someone to pat me on the back.” “It say he has mo’ work fo’ us...” Juljin said, in quiet agreement with the rogue, “We ge’ 30 gold each for just goin’ dere...” That was all the persuasion Jakkru needed, “I’ll go.” He said. “30 gold is 30 gold, if I don’t like it, I can leave.” The others seemed to be thinking exactly what he just said. “Apparently,” Nalria said, after attempting to read over the tall Trolls shoulder, “We’re to report to someone called Grok, outside.”

After asking a townsfolk, they were pointed in the direction of the Wind Rider Stables. Kranan hadn’t spoken since finding this out, they rounded a corner and saw the stables the Wyrven were kept in. Outside it stood a fat, ageing Orc. His hair whitening and chin full of silver stubble, he greeted them with a grin and slapped them on the back, “So you’re the buggers that got rid of ‘em bastardin’ bandits then!” he bellowed, “Been waiting a while for ‘em to get whats comin’ to ‘em. Bastards.” He explained that their passage had been paid by the Orc that had thrust the scroll at Juljin and that he needed 5 minutes to get the Wyrven ready. Kranan’s stomach felt sick, he hated flying. Jakkru, on the other hand, had a huge grin on his face, “Glad I agreed to come along now.”

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