Thursday, 25 March 2010

I'm sorry, you'll have to repeat that

Ever forgotten a name in warcraft? Like, a skill, a place, a boss and then decided that you're going to have a stab in the dark and attempt to rename it?

This is a post inspired by Issy, we were in Maraudon and she was on her little druid (which, if you refer to her as "druid" in a party, will earn you a place on "the list"). We were clearing trash and over vent, Issy innocently asks "Are we going to Landscape?" A few seconds pass, when Erc, who was our little bubbleton for the run goes, "What?" I burst out laughing and Issy goes "I couldn't remember the name, I knew it had "Land" in it!" She's never going to live it down, ever.

This brought back flash back after flash back of times when myself and others have attempted to name something in the Warcraft universe and failed.

Erc actually does this to me on a regular basis. With his alt names getting more and more complex I end up calling them different things - Misfatnachos, Titty and Wabbawhat? I'm terrible at pronouncing things for example, I cannot say "statistic" in any form. My mouth gets to about statis and then my tongue attempts to throttle me.

Back when Ulduar was first released, I must have called it about 50 different things but never Ulduar. I remember it had U's and D's and an A so I ended up making my own names up for it, much to the annoyance of a guild member who actually kicked off. The same happened for Glyph's, which I could spell but couldn't pronounce (much like Jaedia's rogue alt - Jaedi, which will forever be called Jay-dee over vent). Gly-n-ph was what I said, I dont know where the fuck the N came from but I still have to think twice before talking about them over vent.

My best one, was asking in a pug back when Karazhan was the weekly badge grind, "We doing Illaran?" and the pug people asked "Is there a new boss?" I got their expectations up and in a second dashed them by going "Sorry, the demon guy, I cant remember his name."


  1. For the longest time when I was new to the game, I called Stranglethorn Vale just "Stranglevale"

    Not to mention the various times I've gotten BFD, BRD, and RFD mixed up (damn abbreviations!)

  2. If it helps, Jaedia is based off the colour 'jade' just spelt a bit weird with "ia" pronounced .. "ee-ah" on the end. Or something xD

    "Jay-dee" is right :p you're not pronouncing it wrong at all, you spongecake!

  3. Cheers for that :P



  4. Enumerated. *runs off*

  5. haha I had forgotten FUL'FURRAK :)

  6. I wanna know what "the list" complete with SCARY quotation marks is! Though actually, my self -preservation instinct is kicking in and maybe I'll just be sure to address each and every one of Issy's characters by their full and proper names, instead of calling them all 'Issy'... then I'll never have to know....

  7. Don't worry Pilf :) *Issy* is preferred and won't get you on *the list* :D I am so the opposite of scary :P Jakk is a bad bad person :)

  8. As her (I think it's legal) husband: She is _so_ scary. You don't want to think about being on the list.

    Unless it's the other list - you know.. the on with the people on that she's allowed to sha.. to f.. to flirt with without repercussions.