Tuesday, 27 April 2010

All work and no play makes Jakk a dull boy

Deadlines fuck with WoW, which fucks with WoW-related matters, which fuck with blogging. Jakkru is a sad panda, look here's a sad face - :'(

However, things are looking up, after around 7 Uni deadlines in the past two weeks, I finally only have 1 more to do! Which'll mean I get to play WoW more often! Yay!

I've not had much drive to blog mainly because I've been stuck behind my laptop almost everyday, trying to make things that really didn't make any sense at the time, y'know, make sense. It kinda sucks really, I'd have liked to get more of my RP posts up but I really haven't found the motivation to proof read them... I have been reading blogs though, anything that keeps me a little bit in the Warcraft loop or as many of the blogs do, give me a much needed laugh when I'm so very lost in a book talking about Economics I'd consider papercutting myself to death...

However, as well as reading blogs when I've had the chance, I've been thinking about things WoW orientated - mainly about how much I want to level my little Night Elf rogue over on Darkmoon Faire. I mean, yeah, I have a rogue already but he's Undead, I could roll a blood elf or troll (not an Orc, no no no. Orc rogue? Fuck that!) and wouldn't have as much fun - Why? Easy. It's NEW.

I've never, ever, ever levelled from 1 onwards as Alliance. Sure, I've levelled from 72-80 but it's not very different. Yeah, Wrathgate is fucking terrible as the Alliance but you're in Northrend and from 76-80 you're pretty much questing in Neutral zones.

Tenan (that's the name of my nelf, y'see), the lanky bugger that he is, is currently running around Westfall. It's very yellow and many people want to use me as an oportunity to try out their freshly sharpened blades...Not the thrilling stuff you see in The Bourne films, no, but still, it's rather fun and has a nice sense of scale, stuff is big. Not Barrens bit but...it's big to my little rogue. Took me an Hour to find poor Old Blanchy some feckin' oats! Bitch was starvin' by the time I got back, almost kicked me in the face!

This isn't going to stop me pwning faces Horde side though. I've been missing my shaman a lot. Healing is fun and with his Offspecc freshly changed to Enhancement, I have entirely new set of gear to collect, specc to get used to and rotation to get annoyed with, then ultimatley be able to do in my sleep.

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  1. I've never levelled Alliance either - I've got a level 14ish spacegoat mage I'm trying to explore strange new worlds with :D