Monday, 5 April 2010

Server Transfers: How NOT to do it.

Juljin recently became a dorf (whos beard is FAR superior to yours, no matter how many plaits you have, how good your moustache looks or how "fabulous" your hair is). He also switched servers, something I've never done before so as you may be able to tell, my server transfer was full of schoolboy errors.

1. Before you transfer, check the technical support forums - if there's complaints about characters taking days to become playable again leave it for a few days longer. You can spend some time getting your character prepared for their move.
2. Money, dont transfer with 19s 38c like I did. It just gets annoying, get on yer bank alt and take a few thousand over with you.
3. Repair before you go! Especially if you're transfering with only 19s 38c...
4. If you've made stuff for the character you're going to be moving (in my case, this was 20,000 arrows) make sure you actually send them to the character before you move them. My rogue is not gonna run outta ammo for his stupid stat-bow anytime soon but little beardy is running low!
5. Be a little patient, although if you're like me, this wont happen and you'll want it to happen like NOW!

Also, for those of you considering a faction transfer, remember you're hearthstone sets to the capital city of the faction you choose - it explains why I was like "what the fuck" everytime I hearthed and was stood in Ironforge with a very confused look on poor beardy's face...


  1. I'm gonna bookmark this, planning to transfer + faction change Fae soon. Huge thanks because I'm a dumbass and would forget this kinda thing!

  2. No problems, I'd rather people not make the same mistake as me. I felt like such a dumbass, especially when admitting it to my new guild ;p

  3. *is still giggling*

    I do like your guide though :)

  4. I liked the outburst in SAN yesterday...

    "Hey guys Jakk just transferred. With 19s!"


    As an old transfer veteran, I hope what you posted will save many poor souls in the future :)

  5. Bwhaha. I made all these mistakes as well - although I transferred with about 500g in loose change which is considerably better than 19s.

    It's your poor shaman, sitting there on 20k arrows, wondering what the fuck is going on, I feel sorry for.

    ALSO: your beard is weak, puny huntard.

  6. And thus the Beard Wars continue....!