Friday, 2 April 2010

The Flight to Orgrimmar

The four wyverns stood there, their saddles large, with two huge handles on the front. They didn’t require reins; they knew exactly where they were going. Straps for a passengers legs hung from their side as well as a thin, extremely strong piece of rope designed to keep the passenger from plummeting to their death if they slipped off during a “bumpier” ride. Or so Grok had told them, to Kranan, a peice of rope wasn’t going to the job. His wyvern was bigger, Grok had shouted to his young apprentice to get the “Big bastard out,” while winking at Kranan. Jakkru had jumped on his wyvern already and was getting his legs strapped in correctly by the apprentice. Kranan shot a glance at Nalria and Juljin, who were making their way to their Wyverns. The shaman walked slowly to his and petted it on the head. He climbed slowly into the saddle before Grok tied his legs in. “Spirits Protect me.” He said out loud.

Nalria noticed the shamans discomfort and turned to Juljin as he climbed on, they exchanged a grin and waited as the apprentice and Grok strapped them in. “All set?” the flabby Orc asked, with a huge grin on his face. He was enjoying the Taurens discomfort. It must have been a rhetorical question because he bellowed “Fly!” and the Wyvern took off.

Kranan let out a cry as the large, muscular legs of his mount launched him into the air. Its huge wings beating at the air, powering it up further and further. His stomach lurged with every beat and he found himself closing his eyes. He could hear, over the beating of the wings and the rushing of the wind Jakkru howling in enjoyment as well as Nalria laughing. He screwed his eyes up again and gripped the handles on the saddle until his knuckles hurt.

Juljin hated the take off, his stomach had lurched and he heard the shaman cry out, if he could have, he would have laughed. He could hear the playful laughter of Nalria and the shouts of the rogue. He stared upwards, checking their height. It seemed like an age before the wyverns hovered in the air, he glanced a look down, not afraid of heights. They were hovering hundreds of meters above the town they had been in not even a minute ago.

Jakkru looked to his left and right as the Wyvern hovered above the town. He saw a huge smile on Nalria’s face and he almost grinned back. Turning in Kranan’s direction, he grinned, the shaman hated flying. The hunter was looking down at the town and Jakkru did the same. His Wyvern let out a large cry and surged forward with a beat of its wings. He turned his head to see the others falling into a V formation behind him. The one beat of the wings had carried his Wyvern forward and it was gliding through the air. He loved flying, maybe because it was the closest he got to being “alive” if that could be true in an Undeads case. It reminded him of when he was alive, one of the few memories he kept and liked.

The scenery was beautiful, Kranan had opened his eyes as the Wyverns hovered and was now looking around him, the huge mountains in the distance and the forests that lay before them. He was still gripping onto the handles for dear life, and kept telling himself not to look down. He could see Jakkru’s Wyvern at the front, Nalria in front of him and Juljin was parallel to Nalria. The Wyvern were gliding effortlessly through the air and Kranan relaxed a little.

Juljin was watching the ground, everything seemed so small. He could see animals running along the plains as they approached the river of Durotar. Azeroth was truely beautiful, he though to himself. He turned to see Nalria smiling, she too was looking around, taking in the scenery. This was the part he liked about flights, they reminded him of different times, some of them good and others bad, he looked at Nalria and imagined what her father would have said to him, he loved to fly and liked to poke fun at the fact the troll hated what he called "the best part".

Nalria’s wyvern took the front of the V as Jakkru’s fell back, they had been flying for about 20 minutes but to her, it seemed like seconds. She could see for miles in any direction and found herself twisting in her seat to try and see everything. She felt like a child again, when her father would show her maps of what lay beyond their town. She wanted to explore it all. She could see the large City of Orgrimmar in the distance, they weren’t far now.

Kranan screwed his eyes shut again as the Wyvern made their descent into Orgrimmar. He gripped at the handles of his saddle again and sent a message to the spirits. The rush of the air filled his ears, he didn’t dare open his eyes as he felt the Wyvern slow. He felt himself slipping slightly as the mount changed it’s position to land.

Nalria landed first, closely followed by Kranan, Juljin and then Jakkru. The Wyvern landed softly and roared, she patted it’s neck in thanks as the numerous wind riders took to un strapping her and the others. She grinned at Juljin, who smiled back.

“What’s the matter, Kran?” Jakkru jibed at the shaman as he dropped from his mount, not making a sound as he hit the wooden floor of the Riders tower. “Taurens were not built for air travel.” He answered, slowly lowering himself onto the floor. Juljin patted the shaman on the shoulder as he walked past him. “C’mon mon, we best find dis Orc.” He said as they walked down the staircase of the Wind riders tower. Kranans legs felt like jelly but he wouldn’t let it show, he was back on land and extremely thankful.


  1. I love this - bloody marvellous!

  2. Haha, I've never really thought flight paths in this way. Come to think of it, I'd probably as scared as Kranan. Good stuff! :)

    - Erc