Friday, 16 April 2010

Sods law, innit!

After my last post, I jumped at the chance of two healing ToC10. I still need the bloody shield from BigDeadBug so I crossed my fingers, said "Hi" to my paladin healer for the run and Earth Shielded a tank.

Now, I dont see myself as a bad healer. People dont usually die when I heal, if they're doing the right thing and only taking damage that is unavoidable, I can usually see them through. However, myself and the randompaladin I was grouped with could have been Jesus Christ, Dougie Houzer or Greg House for this run and we still couldn't have kept the dps alive.

2 healing things works because the raid only takes unavoidable damage but not this one. This little HMS Failboat took the Raiding 101 handbook and wiped their arses with it. We had it all, Standing in the Fire™ DPSing infront of the boss, which shoots fire, slime and some very harsh fucking language at everyone infront of it and finally, not moving out of the way of the HUGE YETI charging at you with the same look a Woodsman gives the first female he sees after being in the wild for 15 years, with a chastity belt on which he's just been given the key too. Fucking sods law.

I gave up after bashing my head against the Faction Champ shaped Wall for about an hour - a lot longer than I usually would but I really want that shield. I said my goodbyes, was very polite about it and left. Just before I did, one of the DPS (a paladin - would you believe it!) said "lol, noob." Usually, I'd have told him/her that they were infact, no better at playing this game than my Grandmother is at remember how to record something on Sky+ but my phone started to ring and instead, I logged out and answered.

Y'see, there's a risk of 2 healing PuG raids, infact the risk is apparent in anything that you do as a healer - if it goes wrong, it's very easy to blame the healers. When two healing, no one mentions the lack of the 3rd healer which makes everything more comfortable but instead, just see 2 healers which are working their arses off and seem to not be able to pull it off.

Many people before me have talked about how Tanks/Healers/DPS all need to be pulling their weight or it makes someone elses job harder. Tanks keep mobs on them, making healing easier for the healers and leave the DPS to do their jobs without the fear of a mob turning round and making them into their prison bitch. Healers keep people alive, which is simple. If they dont do their job, the raid doesn't work (which is the reason why healers can be so easily blamed) and dps need to be pulling decent numbers, so that the tanks dont take so much damage that the healers run out of mana (which isn't the case in Lich King really but back in the day, it definintly was) and the tank dies. The dps and tanks also need to avoid taking un-necessary damage, so that the healers mana isn't wasted.

A guy in on my guild forums has his forum Signature as "I heal damage, not laziness." and this is so very true. In this pug I was in, the dps were making mine and the paladin's job HARD. Try keeping ranged alive who've been hit with Burning Bile while attempting to keep a melee alive who cannot run about a yard forward to get the hell out of the fire™ on the floor. I decided the heal those taking the NECESSARY damage and let the melee die. Plus, he/she was a prick and it made my decision a lot easier.


  1. *hugs*
    This is a really good point actually. Yes, you are capable of 2-healering stuff, but to do so everyone else needs to be on top of their game too.

  2. Caught the wrong end of the fail-pug there J, happens to the best of us.

    It is a good point, the best healer in the world is useless without capable team-mates. In a sense its a good thing, because WoW truly is a communal team game. But when you end up with a bunch of people who suck, it sucks for you.