Sunday, 2 May 2010

Conqueror of Chilled Things

After many months of praying, the weekly was finally Malygos! Why Malygos? Because he's the last boss I need to be a Champion of all things Frozen.

I thought it would be fantastic, everyone would be looking for people to do it, just like they do when it's any other weekly. Yeah, get fucking real Jakk...

I spent 4 days looking for a group. I missed out on the guild run because of a conflict in my schedule (that's right, schedule!) so I was left with the only other option - pugging Malygos.

I really dont see what all the fuss is about. I really dont. I'm not trying to get my wowcock out or anything, I'm not calling people who find Malygos difficult noobs or anything, this is just my opinion - I dont find Malygos hard. Infact, I find him one of the most fun bosses in the game. Phase 1 and 2? Yeah, they're good, something for everyone - you've got your tank and spank/dps your heart out. You've got your adds phase, with different jobs for melee and ranged and you've got your not standing in the (arcane) fire™ but it's Phase 3 which throws people and this is the part I dont understand. Infact, it's one of the easier of the vechile fights in the game, this is just my opinion, once again, not trying to helicopter the wowpeen or call anyone retarded or anything. I'm also not intending to offend smokers, either. (Just covering my tracks, dont want to offend anyone...)

I mean, you group up. Every 10 or so seconds, you all move to the left or right. DPS and the tank press 1 until X combo points, then press 2. If the big, obvious, yellow /rw pops up that Malygos is staring you out, you press 5. The healers, instead of doing damage, heal and the same counts for it Malygos is starting to get rowdy. You do that for the last 1.8 or so million HP and Bobs your aunties uncle or something along them lines.

So anyways, after deciding that looking for a pug wasn't really getting me anywhere I decided on forming my own and we downed him after 1 wipe. I was a happy bunny, 9 others were happy bunnies and 1 of those 9 was very happy because he got himself a nice looking shield for his RP set. I even got a few /w's informing me of peoples happiness and thanks for leading the group, which is actually a first and I've lead a few pugs in my time...

Anyways, without further-a-do, I introduce to you...


  1. Big congrats - it's the one I'm missing for the title on Shad. But... I'm one of those that UTTERLY fail on phase 3 - my MO seems to be panic... die... I can't press the damned buttons in the right order - maybe I would if you were on vent telling me what to do :) That said I am _horrible_ at anything involving vehicles, so probably best not to try - I wouldn't want to be responsible for you going prematurely grey or anything ;)

  2. Gz Jakk :)
    The beard looks like it could use a comb..

  3. Wow, Jayne is looking awesome there.... but who's that ill-bearded noob standing next to him?!