Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Camp

They left Orgrimmar at first light with around 20 others. Some of them fresh recruits to the Orgrimmar Guard, others seasoned warriors and hunters. There was a small group of Shadowstalkers, which as Jakkru had found out during their march, had been sent from Undercity as a sign of faith by Sylvanus Windrunner. It didn’t take too long to get there, arriving sometime after noon. The sight that greeted them took Nalria by surprise, huge numbers of Horde soliders were camped around 100 meters from a small hill, behind it was an area rich in forest and mineral deposits, huge mines could be opened, lumbermills built and, even though the four of them had no idea what or where this mysterious “Outlands” was, victory here was the first step in the Horde making a footing there. The place was dubbed Warsong Gulch.

The camp was protected by huge pikes dug into the ground and although they’d been hastily put up were sturdy, rows of tents had been put up and even then, people still slept outside. Fires burnt and the soldiers there seemed in good enough spirits. A small yet broad Orc met them, “Is this all they could send?!” he said, looking at the Captain that had brought them. “Yes sir.” Came the reply. The Orc in charge sighed, “We’re still outnumbered.” He said. “Warriors, you report to me. Hunters, tent at the far West end of the camp, anyone else, to the Tauren in the central tent.” People moved, Juljin nodded at Nalria before setting off across the camp, Dehyo faithfully following him. The Captain turned to his superior, “Sir, the Undercity has sent some of it’s Shadowstalkers.” He said, “Ah good!” the captain replied, “They can report to me also.” Jakkru, who was about to follow Kranan stopped. “Go on, I’m gonna stay here.” He told the shaman, who nodded before setting off towards the centre of the camp.

Juljin arrived at the far tent, it was pretty obvious it was the right place, due to the number of Big cats, wolves, Raptors and Birds that were in the makeshift stable area to the left. An Orc burst from the flap in the tent as Juljin approached. “For the gods sake!” he bellowed, a troll and Tauren followed him out “We’re spread too damned thin already and he wants us to re-inforce the left flank MORE?!” the Orc, noticing Juljin stood there, looked at him, before snapping “What do you want?” “I wa’ told to repor’ ‘e-ah” the Orc saw the bow strapped to his back. “Ah, well. Find somewhere to set up a rack. Get some food. Nothing is happening now, we don’t expect the Alliance to show up until tomorrow.” The troll nodded, “A’reet,” he hesitated for a second, finally asking, “ ‘ow many huntahs we got?” “No were near enough,” came the reply, “Around 100.” Juljin nodded before walking away. The Orc turned to his companions and continued to complain while Juljin attempted to find somewhere among the hundreds of fellow hunters to sit. The camp was far bigger than first he’d first thought but from everyone’s reaction so far, the Alliance army was going to be huge.

Kranan found the tent with relative ease. Priests were outside, tending to the sick. A Troll, who’d come from many miles away was having his feet looked at by another troll, who was muttering strange words under his breath while moving his hands over the trolls feet, the pained expression on the trolls face disappeared and the cuts on his feet slowly began to shrink. Kranan was amazed, he could stop bleeding, reduce swelling and momentarily increase the protection from armour but he’d never really been all too interested in that, he much preferred swinging his mace and getting in the thick of it. He was greeted by a female Tauren, who told him that he should get some rest and help out anywhere he could. He nodded before setting off through the camp, he too thought the camp was larger than it looked. People were packed in and the small number of tents had made it look much smaller. He walked around for a bit, a group of warlocks and mages were arguing while sat round a table, a small number of trolls were drunk, singing something in their strange language, many were sleeping or talking and a few were writing letters.

“You can forget them poncy magic users, or them lot that use bows and hide behind their bloody pets.” He small, broad Orc said. Nalria felt a small pang of anger, was he calling Juljin a coward? It quickly passed as he continued to pace infront of them. “We’ll be the ones winning this battle. Scouts have reported that those Alliance dogs will be here tomorrow. Yes, they outnumber us but we will beat them. For they have no pride and no honour!” The warriors grunted in approval. “Get some rest! Sharpen you blades and eat well brothers and sisters.” The orc said. Before turning on his heel and marching back to his tent. “Well, that was inspiring...” Jakkru said sarcastically to Nalria. He’d seen she hadn’t grunted with the rest of them and wasn’t surprised, she didn’t seem as stupid as most warriors he’d met before. Nalria didn’t respond but instead asked “How are you going to be any use in the line?” “I’m not,” the rogue replied, grinning. “But when the line breaks, I’m very useful.” Nalria couldn’t deny it, she knew that most lines broke and it just became a mess of melee and the rogue had a point, it would be were he would be most useful. “I’m going to find Juljin,” she said to him. He nodded and she wandered off through the camp. The only thing she’d be doing tonight was sharpening her sword, she had no idea how anyone could rest or eat before a battle...

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