Thursday, 8 April 2010

Apparently, we've been drafted...

The Orc was short yet broad; he was stood in a captain’s jerkin, the Horde emblem shining in the middle. He looked at the four before saying, “You’ve been drafted.” Jakkru looked at him with a look of distinct confusion. Juljin looked at Nalria and she looked back. “What?” Kranan finally spoke out. “You’ve been drafted,” the Orc repeated. “We’ve been recruiting anyone who came to gather rewards for anything that was considered Dangerous.” Jakkru snorted and it was the shamans turn to look confused. “Listen, we’ve not had the usual numbers recently. People are running off to Outlands, others are making a push in the Northern Lands and others are just avoiding it, if we want to get further into the Outlands and other places, we need the resources this area controls.” The Orc said, moving towards the table in the centre of the room, Nalria and Juljin followed him, Kranan looked at the map on the table, the Orc was pointing at Warsong Gulch. Jakkru stood still, it wasn’t his fight he told himself but he knew Kranan had already made his mind up about going. “Bloody Tauren”, he thought to himself,” honourable buggers the lot of ‘em...”

Nalria and Juljin had accepted their draft papers quickly, Nalria was always keen to do military service, to follow in her fathers footsteps and Juljin was keen to relive the old days and to keep Nalria safe. Kranan had taken his too as Jakkru had snatched his reluctantly when told it was either the dungeons or 1000 gold to get out of it. The upside, they all thought was the new armour and weapons they would get, free of charge. With that thought, they headed across the city towards the Blacksmith.

As they entered the small shop, it looked empty, Jakkru considered checking for money behind the counter for a second when a shout came from the back, “Make sure you don’t let it go out this time, you usless oafs!” it sounded female and almost regal, the rogue cocked his head and looked at the door as a petite blood elf walked into the room backwards, still yelling outside, she was wiping her small hands on a cloth as she turned to greet them, “Greetings!” she said, beaming at them. She was pretty, even under the soot that covered her face, “You lot been sent by that gloomy Orc?” she said, looking at the four of them, grinning at Kranan, who had to hunch over in the small room, he looked very awkward. “Aye,” Juljin answered, he too had been surprised by how pretty the little elf was that stood before him, blacksmiths and armourers weren’t the easiest on his eye, or so he’d found in his experience and this one really looked out of place. “Come through,” she said, her green eyes glowing brightly as she motioned them through to the back.

The back of the shop contained the forge, anvil and all the tools needed to craft armour. It even had a section where hides were currently being cured. Two Forsaken were tending to the forge while a very large Orc was wielding a skinning knife which looked like a toothpick in comparison to his hands. He carefully cut into hides before disappearing into a shed like building. “You first,” the young blood elf said, pointing to Nalria, “I’m guessing from the look of you, you pretty much need everything?” “Well, it might not look like much but it gets the job done...” she replied, her voice steeped in defence for her armour, it was mixed with a tiny amount of jealously.

Nalria was quickly sorted, her rusted battleworn armour replaced with new, well made platemail. It was as if any part of it could be used as a weapon, she had thought as the Elf, who she’d learnt was called Thrina had picked it from the rack of completed sets. The helm had two semi-circular blades on the top, and two very small but sharp spikes on the ridge which would cover her forehead. The shoulderguards had sharped spikes in them and her gauntlets had the same spikes, which as Thrina had demonstrated were perfect for catching a blade in. Her new shield was good and heavy, a good heavy was vital, in Nalria’s opinion. It could stop arrows with ease and would be used as an excellent heavy weapon. The ‘smith must have shared her sentiments as more deadly spikes were attached to the shield, as well as a curved sharp peice of iron which was at the bottom. Her weapon was a sword, which was short and sharp, perfect to stab and hack with while not having to leave the safety of her shield.

Juljin had been thrown two axes, after refusing to use a sword. He preferred axes, axes could be thrown and if he got into a melee fight, he much preferred using his speed to get behind people and chop at them, instead of having to waste valuable time to get a distance enough to stab someone. Thrina had also insisted on him having a mail jerkin that fitted his shoulders and broad chest, as his other was, as she put it “really restricting your movement,” with an added “and it doesn’t look that good either.” The last part was said with a grin. His bow had past her test and even got a compliment on how strong it was, despite the obvious wear and tear. The troll had definitely underestimated the little elf, she knew her stuff, as was evident with her picking of Nalria’s armour and weapons, with the Orc admiring her platemail and weapon while Thrina was tending to everyone else.

Kranan had been given a new mace, he’d muttered a few words when first picking it up and it seemed to become as light as the air itself. He swung and twirled it around and seemed happy, the elf grinned at him and passed him some armour to replace his, she’d noted that the stuff he was wearing was well made and he seemed to keep quiet about where he’d acquired it.

Jakkru’s armour needed as much attention as Nalria had, both their armour had been old and almost useless. He’d been kitted out in leather, which the Orc had been making, his huge hands holding up different boots, gauntlets and jerkins. Belts were added and modifications made by the rogue himself who’s skill with a blade didn’t just end with death, he made sheaths and attatched them to the waistguards, leggings and shoulder pads he was given, adding daggers to them once Thrina had made them. It was getting dark and the others had drifted off into a sleep but Thrina and Jakkru continued to work. She’d given him two swords, short and light, as well as a collection of daggers. He was getting his worth, if was to be roped into a battle, he was going to get as much out of it as possible. They finally finished and Thrina yawned, stretched and went back into her little shop.

Jakkru looked around, the others sleeping, the blacksmiths yard only illuminated by the now smouldering embers of the forge which was being let die after it’s hard days work. For now, it was peaceful and Jakkru sat with his back to the wall but tomorrow, tomorrow would most definitely not. With that thought, he reached into his pack and pulled out the carving from that morning, stroking it before finally drifting into an uneasy sleep.

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  1. I really enjoy all these little in-character posts you've been doing lately. It's nice to get to know the character(s) behind the pixels sometimes. :) Jak, though reserved, seems an alright guy!