Monday, 29 November 2010

20 days of Warcraft: Holidays

I dont really have a favourite in-game holiday. I rarely take part in the little quest things and I've only completed one of them fully (Jakkru the Love Fool, had to be done...)

However, I do appreciate when all the major cities are decked out.

So I guess my favourite in-game holiday is probably the same as my favourite RL holiday - Christmas. I love it and the fact that Blizzard stick wreaths, tinsel and x-mas trees everywhere is awesome. The big tree in Orgrimmar is fantastic and I love running around in Undercity, home of the undead to see sprinkles of Christmas cheers, they're the WoW version of the Grinches.

1 comment:

  1. WoW Christmas is something rather special! Given that Christmas lacks it's childhood magic for me these days, I find experiencing the holiday in Wow still brings me joy.

    I also really like New Years with all the fireworks! :)