Wednesday, 1 December 2010

20 days of Warcraft: Suggestions

So, if I could suggest something that Blizzard could include in game, what would it be? I was thinking about this earlier and found it hard to actually think of anything.

First off, I was thinking of addon-type things but realised that either Blizzard would try and make it their own and ruin it or it just wouldn't work in the game. Plus, I'm a huge fan of addons and love having a different variety of them that I can full customize. If I had to pick anything that comes from an addon to be incorporated into the game it'd be DPS meters, you can either have them on or turn them off via the Interface menu or something.

Secondly, I thought about something along the lines of Real ID, that just shows if someone is online and not what server or character they're on. There's plenty of folks I'd love to chat to much more in game but they dont like the idea of people knowing what character they're on and when - a few ex-guild members, members of the blogging community and even some people I know IRL would rather use MSN and the likes to keep in contact.

But my last one definitly has to be - MORE CHARACTER SLOTS.

I have no idea if they're adding this with the release of cataclysm but I've been crying out for more slots since early TBC and it's heartbreaking having to delete a character (even if it is a level 13 bank alt that really only gets a log in once a week or so...) and I'm gonna end up having to get rid of one that's a decent level if I want a goblin and Worgen.

So yeah - as an altoholic in need of his fix, I'd definintly nag someone to let me get more character slots!

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