Saturday, 20 November 2010

20 days of Warcraft: Favourite Race

Unlike the favourite class, my favourite race is pretty easy to decide. Undeads are the clear winner in my eyes. Their animations, emotes and voices are just a cut above the rest.

Want to do a backflip in melee? Just roll a female Undead. Wanna spin while you win? Just roll a male undead. Want to look like you're too fucking cool for school while casting a spell? Roll a male undead! Want to look like you're ripping magic out of the air? Female undead is for you. In my opinion, the Undeads combat animations are the best.

Their animations? Are pretty creepy - an Undead male throwing a kiss at you? Yeah, that's weird but the noise that goes with it makes it more comically creepy. I also love the dance, it suites the class extremely well as do the /silly, they're very Jack Dee and by that, I mean morbidly humorous.

Their lore ain't too bad either, using the Horde for their own means? Ohhhh yeah. Selfish bastards the lot of them but at the same time, they seem to have a resemblence of a 'heart' in that (on occasion) they have gone out of their way to help someone, with no actual gain to themselves.

Their capital city is stupidly easy to navigate and granted, it could do with a bit of colour on the walls but come on! They're undead, it's not gonna be pink and orange but more, grey on grey. It's also home to Sylvannas, who in recent times has stop being a stupid little banshee that did naff all and is actually a bad-ass shadow-hunter-sarcastic-bitch.

However, I'm not die-hard Undead, my character sheet is actually quite varied. I wont do as Issy did and get a graph on the go but I try to get a male and female of each race, just because I like the variety. The only exception to this is my two gnomes, who are both male, with pink hair and great big bushy beards!

I've got to admit, that I actually have a soft-spot for gnomes, it's nice to view the world from a shorter perspective, mainly because I'm quite tall in the real-world. Oh and they can have pink hair and still look pretty damned cool and I feel the same form of 'comfort' (so to speak) when playing them as I do when running, hunch-backed around on my Undeads. Still, the gnomes fall short (har-har, height pun!) in my racial-affections.

So then, what's your favourite race and why?


  1. It's funny Jakk - It wasn't until you talked about combat animations a while back - probably in guild - that I erm.. even noticed they were different for different races *blush*. How unobservant am I.

    I did find it hard to chose, I've liked different things at different times. But Cows have always felt.. right to me.

  2. I'm running late :( In my defence I've spent *all* day doing Christmas shopping (not MINE either!) and this is what I've been looking forward too since about 3pm... I'm so glad you're doing this Jak!

  3. @Issy - You're so very silly :p

    @Pilf - I'm actually glad you 'found' it on someones blog, really given me some inspiration to get blogging again! I should really be doing work but nevermind! :D

  4. I am right there with you on the Undead animations Jakk, they are superlatively awesome! The way the female undead flips around like a ninja on crack is a joy to behold. Although their swimming animation is freaking weird, like their back is broken (which it probably is), but who cares about looking good whilst swimming?

    So yeah, undead = badass. Plus, as you say, Sylvanas is one of the coolest and most interesting characters in the game.