Sunday, 21 November 2010

Tweet, tweet.

So, I created my twitter account today. I was a bit bored, sick of doing work and decided that another website to visit during procrastination time was required.

My thingy is Jakkru (oh yeah, how original?) and I've already got two 'followers' and by followers, I mean bots that are supposebly hot women who really, really like guys who's bio confesses they're a geek - I must be in luck!

However, I have no idea how to use it. Literally, no idea. So...can someone me?

Oh and the 3rd part of the 20 Days of Warcraft will be up later today, if/when I get my work done!


  1. Ok, on your profile there should be a little box, in that you just need to type some meaningless drivel every few minutes.. I'm guessing that's not the part you'll have a problem with though ;)

    Start following people - start with ones you know like Jae I guess, and then it'll escalate rapidly from there :P

    Just click on *following* and you get the option to add more - there might be suggestions already.

    I couldn't find Jakkru when I tried to add you.

    Not that I use it. It drives me mental actually :)

  2. Should be able to find me now, seeing as I've actually tweeted.

  3. I made people follow you! I think it worked.. I'm not sure if rain dances work on twitter counts?

  4. Yay! I think it did, I have a few more followers when I returned from the shop!

    The rain dance worked, momentarily.