Monday, 8 November 2010

Warcraft, curing your fears 1 by 1.

Okay. Before I go on, I have to stress, no laughing - okay?


I'm serious.


I've had a fear for as long as I can remember of anything (be it a film, game or a picture) that has a zombie in it.


I will openly admit to being soft and this is definitly backed up by the fact for the first year of my WoW 'career' I avoided any areas that had zombies, even something that looked like a zombie in it. I even had to read up on Undead lore to find out that they were, as I told myself so I could roll Jakkru, 'cured' of their zombie-ness.

Now, once I got to level 50, I really didn't know where to go in levelling places, and was told by some kind person in guild that the Plaguelands were a decent choice so I skipped my way there, thinking "awesome sauce, time to PWN some slimes and stuff to level 60!" Oh how wrong I was. It was like my worse nightmare, I was num-locking my way through while talking to one of my parents and suddenly looked back to find my poor, Orcish self getting mauled by zombies. I was terrified. Absolutely. Not even kidding. I'm being cereal. I was repeating "no, no, no, no." and as this was my first character in WoW, I'd died MANY a time but this was by zombies, which was waaaaaaay worse.

So I died and I was at the spirit thingy and I was a little shaken, I'll admit, I'd just saw my poor Orc pwn'd by zombies and what did I want to do? Curl up into the featol position? No! I wanted to go and fuck some zombie shit up. They'd cost me repair bills, I had, after about 9-10 years of everyone just telling me "they're no real," realised that there was nothing to fear.

However, I still couldn't watch zombie movies. I'll admit, I'd forced myself to watch Shaun of the Dead because I saw the word "comedy" but I spent half my time hiding behind my hands and the other half laughing. That was until Wrath hit and I had no choice but to kill undead/zombies/whateverthefuckyouwannacallthem. I had to kill LOTS and in doing so, I kinda just didn't give a shit anymore, I mean maybe it's because I'm nearly 20 (I said at the start - no laughing, m'kay?!) and have finally grown-the-fuck-up but I like to think that from going to avoiding areas with undead in them to literally plowing through them to get to 80 has definintly made my silly fear less.

Why am I writing this? Cuz I just finished watching the first two episodes of this new american tv show (I think it was a comic before that...) with that guy from teachers in it. The Walking Dead is awesome-sauce and I like to think I owe Warcraft something for helping get over my fear of the shuffling, groaning things.


  1. Is that why your rogue kept running away from your healer? ;)

  2. It could definitley be a reason! Although, I'm tempted to say it's because I'm a little bit dumb :p

  3. Hey don't worry about it man. When I was playing Everquest (which was a billion years ago) I developed a pathological fear of Drachnids (elf-spider-things) after they repeatedly ate my face off as a lost lowbie. I'm not even bothered by spiders IRL, but they freaked me out. After that I couldn't go anywhere near the buggers again. Well, until I got to level 50 and started burning *their* faces off. Tee-hee.

    Er what was the point? Oh right, don't worry about it. Zombies are scary, you're supposed to be scared of them. I am scared of toothbrushes.