Friday, 4 February 2011


I've been struggling to find topics to blog on recently. What with changing my raiding main (again!) to an enhancement shaman - I'm going back to my melee routes, show those young whippersnappers how it's done!

But, from running heroics with mainly pugged groups due to people not having any real reason to do more than 1 heroic a day, I've found that if a tank does this:


And anyone responds he will pull. With (usually) disasterous results.

I've had tanks pulling when the healer's gone afk, even putting in chat that they're "brb, 2 min" but with a tank just going "r?" and have a dps answer with, for some reason one letter, "y" or "r."

But then again, I did do a pug with a full group from AD and we managed to clear Stonecore with only 2 wipes on Ozruk because the tank had never got that far before. 'Spose I should just take the good with the bad, get my JP and stfu really...


  1. hehe, I've noticed that too.. no need for 4 x r when 1 will do :P

  2. I haven't encountered that myself, but it sounds really annoying! I also have to say I *hate* it when people use "y" to mean "yes".

    Wait til I get my Goblin to 85 next week J, I'll run as many heroics as you like. :)