Saturday, 5 February 2011

20 days of... Day 1: Introductions

So there's a new 20 days thing floating around. I started the last one but didn't finish it due to Cata being released and all that jazz.

I know these people are in on it so far and as I'm struggling for blogging topics - I'm gonna get stuck in and without further a-do, I give you the first days topic!


I'm Jakk, Jakkru, J or to a few members of SAN, hellfire boi. I've got no problems getting personal and chatting about myself or things I like which is probably why these meme really does appeal to me!

In the online world, I'm known as Jakkru, Kinkz, Plugz or whatever alt I'm on. I've a love for melee and setting things on fire as a mage or warlock. I hate tanking due to getting some serious burnout in TBC and I dabble in healing when needed/bored. My current main is an enhancement shaman.

I'm an avid raider, although my playtime at Uni is limited (see below)

When afk, I'm a 20 year old Newcastle University student. I study geography and I'm interested in international development, political boundaries and borders and cultures.

I play rugby and have done for the past 12 years - with a break last year to recover from a knee and then (through a drunken first year accident) an ankle injury. I'm also a pretty regular visitor at the local gym, even more so as I've been trying to get back into shape for the rugby - and the ladies ;)

Since moving to Uni, I've spent less time on WoW and have cut down on the time I've spent raiding. So far this expansion, I've not set foot in a raid and that's mainly due to spending time with my mates, drinking too much or generally watching really, really bad TV - Take me Out, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and (against my will) the X-Factor.

What else...

Oh yeah, I adore music. I've played the drums for 4 years, although it's been months since I've picked up some drumsticks. No room in the house for my drumkit and I dont think my housemates would approve.

I'll listen to pretty much anything, from screamo to 90's pop music. It all depends on what mood I'm in.

And here's some random quickfacts

- I'm terrible at Fifa.
- I can strawpedo a bottle of VK in less than 2 seconds.
- My favourite colour is blue
- My favourite movie is Die Hard
- My favourite tv show is Firefly and I would give a non-vital organ to see it brought back.
- I like chick-flicks and really terrible American Drama series.
- I have a man-crush on Leonardo Di Caprio.
- My handwriting is apparently "girly"
- I miss my dogs when at Uni but hate them when at home.
- I know the entire script to Anchorman
- I like Ice cream

And that's that.


  1. So you know you'll *always* be hellfire boi, amirite? xxx

  2. It's really cool to see people picking up the 20 days of challenge :)

    Doesn't everyone like ice cream? I mean.. really, if they don't we might just have to force them.. cause ice cream is <3

    Also, Die Hard is an awesome movie - good choice!

  3. Now I want to re-watch Firefly .___.