Saturday, 12 June 2010

Thinking "out-loud" is the way to go.

I used to have a theory about pugging. I imagined it a little like those examples you got given in High School about probability, with the bag of different colour things but instead of the bag, it's a server and instead of colour things, there's the people you can find in a pug.

I thought that the bigger the server, the more chance of finding a terrible pugs were. As there was more people to "pick" but after moving to Darkmoon Faire this isn't true. It's the same probability in both servers. I never was any good at maths.

However, this little, admittible pretty shit theory, doesn't really fit Argent Dawn. For some reason, I haven't had a bad pug on there for months. I'm not even kidding, killing 7+ bosses everytime I'm going in on 10 man and up to 5-6 bosses on 25 man. This is both Horde and Alliance side.

Darkmoon Faire however, hasn't yielded a good pug since the one I led which did 8/12 in ICC and that was back when the buff was only at 15%. This is quite sad actually because the motivation required for me to put a group together, empty that metaphorical bag onto the metaphorical table and seperate the noobs from the not-so-noobs is a lot and quite frankly, with my alliegence firmly in Argent Dawn, Darkmoon Faire has completely taken a back seat and I'm truely not enjoying my characters on there anymore. Jath gets logged in to do his daily transmute, Nads gets log in to queue for a random, get bored about 10 minutes before logging back to Argent Dawn.

I keep thinking, what keeps drawing me back? I mean, I have a tonne of characters on there so that's definitly a plus, right? But then again, I have two lvl 80 toons on Darkmoon Faire, one which needs gearing. I then started thinking along the lines of guilds? Nope, both are fantastic. The general level of guild chat is good, many jokes flying around, little stories, sometimes some srs biznizz but always fun, even if Absolution is much more active during the day.

I have to say, it's the pugs that are actually swinging it. I really have started to like it, especially as I keep 2 characters unsaved for guild runs (Horde, working on Lich King and Alliance, starting heroics and getting me Kingslayer) but the rest I pug. More than often with guildies which usually involves myself and a few good friends getting on Mumble (srsly, better than Vent by a country mile), having a cracking laugh and it's a little bit like a surrogate raid. Plus, there's always people willing to log on and chat while I'm playing pug-roulette, which is always a plus.

Quite funny really, I'm sure if I took a gander through my previous posts, I'd find many of them bitching about how annoying a PuG was. Oh well, times change. It's either that, or I'm getting stupidly lucky and that luck is about to run out. Let's not hope for that, eh?


  1. I have no interest in pugging if I can avoid it - which is why I'm perfectly happy on DMF. I'd much rather run with the guild - in fact, I'm there because of the guild. I kind of don't see the point in pugging if you have a guild. But if you want to move to AD we'd be sad but we'd understand - after all, if pugging is your main motivation these days, then it makes sense.

  2. It's one of my main motivations yeah, I'm getting slowly drawn into the Pre-Expansion blues and finding ways to entertain myself.

    It's the downside of being in two guilds really, that they raid on similar days :(

  3. Glad you're having fun. I avoid PuGging like the plague. And I'm loving the new blog layout!!

  4. I play DMF-Horde (don't think I know you, though) - and the pugs aren't too bad. The decent ones get 6 down pretty consistently, and the bad ones are easy to spot. I mostly guild runs, but we've been spending guild raid night on progression not farming for a few weeks.

    (Limited Immunity just got Kingslayer - third night of tries on El Bossdude - behind the times, maybe, but we're pretty casual)

  5. Oh, that's cool :)

    I actually had a decent 25 man pug which got Saurfang down easily but fell apart due to people leaving after that.

    There's nothing wrong with getting the Kingslayer a little late, it's still a great achievement to get the LK down even with the buff!