Thursday, 10 June 2010

Gear score is about as useful as Anne Franks' drumkit...

(If I offended anyone by the title of this post. Harden the fuck up)

I do believe it is my turn to rant about gear score having in the past two days had two annoying experiences with it on Argent Dawn and Darkmoon Faire (which seems impossible to find a good pug on, much to my annoyance...)

Case 1 - ICC25 PuG.

The person putting it together instructed everyone to come to the centre of Dalaran, near the pretty fountain so that he could check the people who didn't have a GS addon. The raid filled up nicely and there was about 8-9 members from Absolution there.

We steam-roll through Trash and pull Marrowgar. I was healing and I'm not even kidding, it felt like an age before he was dead. So bad was the majority of the dps (the people from Absolution, even though we had 2 members who'd never been to ICC25 and out of that 2, 1 had never set foot in ICC where all pulling 6k +) that our tank healer died from being bone spiked. I had to take over tank healing, something I dont like doing because if a tank drops to 10% health I tend to scream like a girl and nearly have a heart attack (I know, I'm a freakin' AWESOME healer...)

Marrowgar eventually dies and the wonderful Axe drops! One of our guildies is squeeee'ing with joy. It's a fantastic axe. However, someone I'm going to refer to as Cleopatra's Love Child rolls a 98 and wins it. Said Cleo's LC was pulling, wait for it, 3.2k dps on the fight. His rotation was terrible, checking his gear, he was gemming for AP and Stamina. I don't claim to be a master of the Deathknight class but I could even tell he was actually a complete retard. The reason he got in the raid? 5.8k gearscore due to wearing tank gear with an ilvl264. Cleo's Love Child also won a token from Saurfang. Sometimes, people dont deserve loot. Thanks a fucking lot, gear score.

Case 2 - Attempting to find an ICC10 pug.

I love playing my hunter but recently, I've been raiding more and more on Argent Dawn. It's been great fun but it's come at the cost of limited time raiding on Jath, because he's on a different server. This wouldn't be a problem, I could pug happily but Darkmoon Faire seems to have the population of Chenobyl, it's kinda getting me down really as Jath is really, really fun to play. The same could be said about my Deathknight too, who I've neglected gearing because of the fun being had on Argent Dawn. Anyways, I finally find someone trying to put a group together and get invited.

"GS?" the leader asks.
"I dont have the addon, I could come for a gear check." I reply.
"Sorry, no GS addon means noob" he says, then kicks me.

Well done, you lost yourself an 8k hunter. You absolute prick. Thanks a fucking lot gear score.


  1. Barry da Boomer11 June 2010 at 03:44

    Amen Jakk, Amen brutha! That dick of a DK didnt deserve any of the loot he got. WANKER!

    Biss :D

  2. Err... not running Gearscore means you understand how terribad it is programmed and don't want to kill your connection in a 25man raid by exchanging heaps of information for no good reason. Doesn't help (except to send him a tell and relay that valuable bit of information).

    You could use the website to get the information you need, though. Once armoury updates, it's even mostly accurate :)

  3. You should have said "around 5k8" and he may have believed you. And seeing you would have been in the top 5, he'd have never checked...

  4. I just lie to be honest, I can't even be bothered to check normally. I remember what it was like Pre-GS when I'd just chew the person organising out about not inviting me until they did. I occasionally use the website koch refers to if I'm tanking or healing.

    What I've found is a lot of people wearing pvp gear to inflate their scores. Thats why if I'm forming a pug anyone I don't know or one of the trusted people in raid doesnt know is inspected before invited.