Thursday, 17 June 2010

An obviously lying Warlock and a not-skilled-enough to play Arms warrior

It's amazing how a long disconnection and someone being asked to not get saved to a raid so they could help their guild out later in the day can seriously make a kick-ass group into a completely average one.

This morning, myself and a few guildies thought we'd do ICC10 so we started a group. With the strength of the healing team (myself, a paladin healer and a shaman healer) and the dps we had, I started to advertise as being able to take 9-10 bosses, which was definintly do-able if we got the tanks and other dps as experienced as we were.

It took around 45 minutes to fill the group, which consisted of a 25 man kingslayer, an very well geared alt of a friend and some other people who had the achievement up to Sindragosa. Things looked awesome.

However, one of the tanks disconnected and wasn't back for almost 10 minutes - in an attempt to keep things ticking over I decided to replace them. A DPS then had to drop out, admittable after we'd found the other tank due to their guild wanting to keep them unsaved for a run later in the week. Which is perfectly acceptable to me. I replaced them. A mage then left, for undisclosed reasons, I didn't look too much into it and replaced them.

We got through Marrowgar and Deathwhisper with relative ease and I felt pretty confident of the groups ability. That was until Gunship - I unfortunatley disconnected and had to restart my laptop, meanwhile in game, someone decided to start the event, without even checking that both tanks where there and equipped with rocket packs.

From there, it went downhill. Saurfang was terribly messy. One of the replacement ranged decided they were better than DPS'ing the blood beasts and stood in melee, leaving a hunter and shadowpriest to deal with the adds. This lead to healers getting beaten on and the person with the mark dying which prolonged the fight. That's not happened in a group I've been in since the progression runs.

After that, I had to go afk for what turned into 20 minutes, which could have definintly unfocused the group. However, I really dont care as I'd have happily left the raid due to the afk being a family related matter.

During my afk, the same person that ninja-started gunship had apparently wiped the group. Most of the people in the raid had used a bit of common sense and gone and made lunch, had a smoke, used the toilet or cracked one out (I really hope that person was joking) during my AFK. However, this one person got impatient and pulled Stinky. This really did signal the decline of the group.

We did Rotface first as I wanted to see the co-ordination of my band of minor-misfits. People didn't do too bad, I was quite glad my AFK hadn't affected peoples focus. We then went onto Fester, who was once again, ninja-pulled. I'd stated after the Gunship fiasco that pulls would only be made when I said so. However, said warlock and warrior had decided that they should pull when they wanted to and a round of "gogogogo" was heard like a retarded war cry before the boss is pulled, all hell breaks loose, a hunters locked out and we wipe in a matter of seconds due to people not knowing where to move.

After checking the dps on Festergut and actually finding it pretty...bad on some people who's gear was extremely good, I decided to try Blood Quarter instead of Putri. For some reason, the warlock and warrior (what the fuck is it with classes that start with "W" attracting retards?) thought it'd be a walk in the park because; Warrior - "our guild does alt runs to putri and we're in PvP gear" and Warlock - "im in hc frming gild on other srver. fester is ez lol." It's around that time 3 of the members who were first invited tell me (after about 2 hours, mind you) that they had a raid in about an hour.

With this information in mind and knowing that finding a dps willing to come after the first 6 bosses are dead is like rocking horse shit, I gave it a few goes on Princes but apparently, our "hc frming gild" warlock didn't have a fucking clue. With around 30 minutes left, I thought it best to get everyone 3 badges and a chance on some loot. Not that bad? I mean, if the raid was going to fall apart I'd rather end it on a high than bashing my forehead repeatable into a Putricide shaped wall.

This didn't sit well with our warrior. Who first of all, started out arguing a valid point. 9-10 bosses was our aim. However, our aim was changing, with people having to go and our excellently balanced group at the beginning crumbling and being repaired with liberal amounts of duck tape and a fucking prayer. The warrior then started insulting my raid leading. I didn't care, you get one of these pricks in every few pugs that couldn't lead a raid to save their sorry lives but at the same time, will piss and moan about how they think you should be doing better. Then they insulted the guild, with (and I quote): "Looks like Absolution done like it when the loot isn't dropping."

I didn't even need to say anything. It was a huge mistake saying that, especially with half the raid being from the guild they just insulted. We had a druid being so sarcastic it was untrue. A deathknight being about as subtle in his insults as a SPAS-12 blast to the face and a paladin who just wanted to tell the warrior that she was shit. I told them to shut up but the warrior truely would not drop it. Eventually, it got to the stage where I called it, thanking the warrior for letting everyone in the group miss out on 2 badges from Valithria.

I'd have felt bad if I didn't get a whisper from one of the tanks, the priest and the other DK about how they were glad for the invite and it was a shame more couldn't have been done.

I was quite disappointed, not in the abrupt ending, or the insults from not-skilled-enough-to-play-arms-warrior but from how the first group, that I spent around 45 minutes having to tell people they couldn't come, check people out on the armoury and finally getting it all together to crumble. Oh well, that's pugging it's why people love it and it's why (more commonly) people hate it.


  1. PuGs (with some shining examples to the contrary, evidently) tend to get a bit pear-shaped when any inconveniences, slowdowns, or general badness starts cropping up. If your trajectory from point A to point B isn't as short and direct as possible, the PuG's collective stamina will dwindle over time... It's sort of an "Are we there yet?" sentiment from the kids on the back seat -- any minute now they'll start bugging each other and whining and you'll have to make a choice on how to handle it. It's just a shame that PuGs have this uncanny way of making you feel like you're basically renting other people's time.

    Still -- you're brave to have pulled it together. Will you do it again, you think?

  2. I will most definintly be doing it again!

    And I agree with everything you said about the time taken affecting people. So very, very true.