Monday, 14 June 2010

Azerothian Diamonds aren't forever...

My little warlock, Darju might be my Jewelcrafter. I say might because I'm currently getting stupidly annoyed with the profession as I'm stuck at 260/300 and level 64. Meaning I have to go back to Azeroth instead of pwning red faced orcs in their stupid red faces while mining Fel Ore to prospect and find gems.

I've got 1 of every gather maxed out and even though mining was a little bit annoying (running laps of Plaguelands to find out a week later that Blizzard have now changed the spawning on Thorium in Un'goro) on Kranan. Skinning was stupidly easy on Jakkru and Herbing was only annoying because I couldn't track Humanoids on Jath!

I also have a fair few maxed crafting professions. Leatherworking was also pretty easy, Alchemy was a breeze and engineering isn't hard, I just dont have it maxxed because I'm a lazy bastard, I'm only about 200 points into Blacksmithing on my paladin and Tailoring/Enchanting on the mage is making me a decent profit. However, Jewelcrafting has actually been a right ball ache from the start. I keep being told it'll be worth it in the long run and I'm not arguing that it wont but I am truely lazy and therefore, losing patience with trying to find Vanilla gems.

I've been wanting to make the final push into Northrend on the old Warlock so that his loving demon, Jeff, can get some scourge blood on his over-sized cleaving machine but with me wanting my Jewelcrafting at the level you can talk to the trainers in Warsong and that Undead place in Howling Fjord whose name escapes me is holding me back.

When I'm 80 and maxed out with Jewelcrafting, I'll be really glad I stuck with it, even if I want to go "fuck it, Jeff, let's go pwn" to which he'll just reply "Why dont you fight your own battles?" or something sarcastic in that deep, demon-ie voice of is.

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