Monday, 1 February 2010

Choices, so many Choices!

So my shaman finally dinged 80 yesterday, after the Basin -> Icecrown -> Storm Peaks two level grind which only took me a day and a bit to do. Not bad. So I learnt my new skills, smelted the 100+ Saronite Ore I'd collected from the days exploration and sat down to decide what spec. 20 minutes, three discussions, one "Who are you and what have you done with Jakkru?" later I still couldn't decide.

Hybrids are hard. I mean, there's SO much choice.

I love melee but having raided as melee and suffering (although a little bit less than when I blogged about it) from Rogue-out I was a little warey of that. Plus I'd levelled as enhancement, which was alright but I couldn't imagine it getting anymore exciting.

My mage is fun as hell, so I was looking towards elemental. The rotation is pretty easy which was attractive but also put me off, as it could get quite boring, quite fast.

I've never raided as a healer, so I decided whatever I was going to do, I'd take Resto as an offspecc. I wouldn't main specc into it as my gear is terrible and I'd be that healer in the pug that other people blog about because he was so shit.

So, in the end and after another three discussions, two pints of beer, a pub quiz and a packet of crisps I decided to do two trial heroics to see what Enhancement and Elemental were like at 80.

First off was enhancement, so I didn't have to respecc straight away. It was pretty similar to when I was doing random dungeons, I hit a little bit harder and could turn things into a frog, which I was doing a lot because it was a new skill and seeing a mob jumping round in frog-form makes me laugh but other than that, not much difference.

So then I tried elemental, which was AWESOME. I love seeing big numbers, lots of crits and generally casting MASSIVE BOULDERS OF LAVA. So it was right up my street. My dps was terrible as I only had 12 hit rating but I'd made my mind up. For the next week, I would testing my sanity in the LFG system as an elemental shaman and who knows, maybe a resto one when I'm geared for Elemental and have some badges floating around.

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  1. On hybrids I tend to stick with one main specc, and play around with whatever off-specc I may feel like at the time. It adds some fun variation that keeps you from getting burned out as fast as you would with a non-hybrid class.

    As for big fire boulders? Oarsome.