Friday, 29 January 2010

All Rogued Out

I've been playing my rogue solidly for the past 2 years now, always trying to push that extra little bit of dps out, which to a competitive person like myself is awesome. I've played all three speccs and have currently been Mutilate since Naxx-10 AND IT'S GETTING SO FUCKING BORING.

I'm not even kidding, I'm bored. So very, very, bored. I'm stick of jabbing my finger on the Mutilate button, sick of having to Envenom if at 4CP, Rupture if at 3. Sick of randomly pressing Hunger for blood every minute and sick and bloody tired of having to vanish and do it all over again. It's not even challenging anymore. So, in the spirit of being bored out of my mind, I've turned to my alts.

Nalria, part time tank, part time fury warrior is now no longer claiming benefits but still working on the side. She's become a full time fury warrior. The gear is crap and definitly needs work, the specc is good and I'm learning a new rotation, it's breathed new life into the mess that is melee plus, it fits me more. Being of square build in the life away from keyboard, if I was to happen myself in a fight to the death with a choice of weapons, I would grab the two biggest, heaviest, meanest motherfuckers available and whirlwind my way through. I'd probably die horrifically but still, I'd look super cool in the process.

I've also been playing my shaman more, he's still stuck at level 77 (and a half!) but I'm staying in the LFG tool a little longer to go in as Enhancement instead of Resto and it's so much fun! I have so much to do, I have different things for different situations, I can pewpew lazors when Maelstrom weapon proccs, or help the healer out if the fight has been raging for a while and they're low on mana by tossing some instant chain heals around my fellow facerollers. It's all good fun and has spurned me on to level my shaman to 80!

On the alliance side, I've been running around spreading diseases. Not in THAT way, you dirty bugger you. I've been playing my Deathtard. Which is a nice change of pace, granted it's still rotation based but it's more loose, I dont have a set rotation, depending on the situation I can spend my runes differently depending on which way I want to beat the living shit out of whatever I'm currently killing.

I was wondering why I was having more fun, I mean, I'm still face deep in melee, I'm still basically doing the same thing - dps'ing while avoiding flames/blades of death but I'm liking it more. I dont actually have any combat weapons, I'm missing a big, nasty main hand weapon with which to bring the pain and that's limited me to Mutilate for a long time now. I have one cooldown, which I use almost off the bat and has a 3 minute cooldown and it's not exactly the most exciting either - 100% guarenteed crit, oh wow, fun...not. With the other classes, I have options; On the warrior, I can pop Death wish and start pwning things really hard while having to avoid the flames/blades of death even more because they'll poon me twice as hard due to the extra damage I'll take. On the shaman, I can summon two wolves of awesome and just rip shit up. I have to manage my mana with Shamanistic Rage and I have the wonderful joy of making everyone fucking massive with the push of one button, I'm talking about the oh so awesome Bloodlust. On the deathtard, I have the option to get my ghoul out for the lads, summon an extra weapon for 12 seconds to deal punishment to the unfortunate soul that happens to be against me and I can make myself hysterical. No, not dramatically "OMGOMGOMGOMG" hysterical. I'm talking about Hysteria, which just pwns. Both the mob I'm killing and myself...

It's probably the main reason I've been playing my 3 foot cannon more and more, there's so many cooldowns in Arcane, it's damned fun.

I'm hoping my love for the stealthed kind will return after a little rest but in the meantime, you'll find me smashing faces with a different kind of weapon to daggers.


  1. yep.. play an alt. Or play a class that has a useful offspec. I tired of my rogue too(well, also my latency at the time, killed pvp for a melee class with tiny teensy weensy daggers that were perma-out-of-range due to lag). Pure dps class.. got boring.. and also.. i feel more useful if i can dps & heal.. or dps and tank...

    or.. less QQ more stabbystabby :)


  2. You might want to try feral kitty/ enh shaman. Can't ever get bored dpsing on those since their 'rotation' is so messed up.

  3. I'd love to try feral kitty, my druid alt is stuck in level 17 because I just cant stand trying to kill a mob in bear form...3 levels to go, it can wait for a rainy day.

    Enhancement shaman is definitly different but the rotation is a little "use this if this is on cooldown" and once you've got Stormstrike, Earthshock and Lava lash on three buttons next to each other, it pretty much works itself - never the less, still very fun!