Sunday, 21 February 2010

Twilight Vanquisher my arse.

Over at The Barrens Chat Wulfy blogged on the old Halls of Reflection bug where you could just let the Lich King walk past you and fight his undead minions without worrying about him walking up to you and pwning your little face. I recently got the Twilight Vanquisher title on my 2 foot cannon and I've got to say, I definitly think that this is more of an exploit now than it used to be...

Isn't he just adorable? Anyways, we did it the Zerging method. Which is basically you go in with 2 tanks (1 on 10 man) 2-3 healers (1 on 10 man) and a bucket load of 6,000+ dps. Now, Blizzard had said in the past that they didn't class this as an exploit and actually liked the fact people were trying new things to down bosses but come on Blizzard, with everyone and their bloody grandma's rocking 232-251 iLvl gear, this is beyond a joke.

On the attempt at which we downed him, I topped out at 14.8k dps. I'll admit right now, there was no skill involved in that number. I basically just spammed Arcane Blast for 60 seconds, popped a mana gem and spammed a bit more. One of my friends that has never played Warcraft could have done that easily. It's one button, I didn't even have to move!

I remember back when Sarth3D was the hardest content in the game. It was so damned hard, that people with the Twlight Vanquisher (and of the Nightfall) titles were looked at going "Wow, you're in an organised, well geared guild." The Nightfall title was considered harder to get, as with 10 people the fight is a lot harder.

When Ulduar was released and people started to get to higher levels of dps, some clever bugger found out that you can Zerg poor Sarthy and basically get the title (and the mount) for not much work. Hell, we went and did it with my Rogue and he's been Jakkru of the Nightfall for a while now.

Now that people are rocking higher iLvl gear and pwning the Lich King in his frozen face, I definitly think that they (Blizzard) should stop the Zerg method, get it fixed and back to the way it should have been. I'd love the challenge that it would give and it wouldn't be as hard as it used to be due to gear being easier to obtain. It'd actually mean those people with the Mounts would have worked for them, instead of just slapping the poor dragon round the face for 90 seconds or less. Maybe even give Sarthy an upgrade in drops for people that down him with three drakes up?

Anyways, speaking of Dragons, I cannot wait for this. It's going to be amazing and hopefully, if Blizzard are doing what they did with the release of the Lich King, stuff like this will make that little period where no one can be arsed doing anything because the expansion is a few weeks away a little less boring and a whole lot more fun.

I still remember the Scourge events fondly. Running around trying to start a little zombie army outside Silvermoon City only to be foiled at the last minute by a paladin in uber-RP mode, smiting the minions of the Lich King before they could infect the population. I also got into the RP "spirit," quoting Aliens to my hunter friend everytime I got infected. ("") but if the battle for Gnomeregan does happen, I might actually loregasm while Arcane Blasting things in the face on my 2 foot cannon!


  1. I thought they added the drakes enrage just to prevent this from happening.
    It is still easy to do it the "right" way. I know, we one-shotted him the old fashioned way, back when he was lastly the weekly raid-target.

    Then again we did it back in the day too. That was one year ago. How time flies.

  2. Never got to do it back in the day, sadly. Wish we had though.

    You can still do it pretty easily. Especially with a paladin healer and tank. I'd definitly want to try it the normal way!

  3. I have still failed miserably to manage this zerg... this makes me feel like a total loser.

    *weeps in the corner*

  4. I might be tempted to grab some folk one night and have a shot at getting the title on my hunter :)