Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Looking for Levels

A little discussion on Ventrilo last night got me thinking. On my dual-specced, Resto/Enhancement shaman I have not done a quest since level 72 and am currently well into level 75. I've been, of course, abusing this new random dungeon system. Can you blame me? If I sign up as a healer I'm in within minutes, usually in a good group and usually done in less than 30 minutes of so. It's a less boring and easier way to get that precious XP and a good way for me to practice my healing.

Now, with Cataclysm on the end of everyone's tongue at the moment (speaking of which, check out Ercles' little video he's stuck on his blog, very good!) it got me thinking, are people going to actually quest? I mean, those that want to be level 85 in like, a day, will be questing like mad but if you think about it. Every level 80 will want to check the new instances out, they'll want to take a looksie and when they find out that there's a good amount of XP involved they might just stop question, which would be a damned shame cuz I'm pretty sure there's going to be some AWESOME questlines.

I for one plan on questing my little heart out, I loved the Lich King quests (except for some reason, I hate Howling Fjord and love Borean Tundra). The chains where epic, I mean, dressing up as a Ghoul to get back at the Troll that tricked you in Drak'tharon Keep? AWESOME! Wrathgate (both cutscene and the fight for the undercity) AWESOME! The stupidly long, stupidly good Sons of Hodir quest chain? AWWWWWWWESOME! You can see where I'm getting at?

I've got pretty high hopes for Cataclysm, even if I still think a Tauren paladin is wrong. Only time will tell I 'spose.

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  1. I'm with you. I can't wait to do some new quests. With the quality we saw in Wotlk going from 1-60 again will be awesome!