Wednesday, 30 December 2009

It's like Romeo and Juliet but completely different...

So, I've been playing WoW for 3 and a bit years and for all that time I've been on the Horde side of things. I've hated dwarfs with a burning passion, felt disgusted when looking at those space-goat-squid-things called Draenai and laughed out loud at Gnomes. I always thought I was Horde through and through. That was, until I got bored and did one of those wonderful ways Blizzard has thought to make even more money from their overly addicted fanbase, a Faction change.

I took a character (my mage) which I loved to play but just couldn't bring myself to do the same quests in Northrend for the 4th time and turned him into...a GNOME! *Dramatic music/Drop Jaw/"SAY WHAAAT?!"*

So this Romeo and Juliet style hatred for the other side which I had harboured for 3 years, killed other players in Battleground to prove my love for the horde was shattered by a 3ft dude in a dress. It's as if he's my Juliet.

So, this little scraggly haired, highpitched halfling has melted my heart after 3 years of hatred. I logged into my Horde side guild and getting asked where'd I'd been for a few days by some guild members, who I hadn't told over Ventrilo where I currently was, and I proudly answered "Levelling my Gnome mage." This was greeted with a few "lol," "omg" and a couple of "traitors!" If I didn't have my Gnome, I'd probably have done the same when finding out a fellow guild member had started levelling an alliance character. Now, after that I thought I'd leave it. I wasn't going to go as far as running off to fake my own death or anything so I got around to doing my Horde-ish things when I got a few whispers, "What's it's name?" "What level is it?" "Didn't know you played alliance." I replied and then, thinking I'd get the reply of "lol gonna gank you!" I got "Oh cool, I'll add you on my 'toon then."

Thinking about it, in a game which you can't actually win, which seems is currently being steered into a much more casual direction people start to get bored on their characters, especially if they cant get better gear without new content being released, and start looking for something new, seeing as doing the same quests over and over gets very boring, extremely fast. That was my main excuse for transfering anyways, to see new stuff.

So, in this case, my "For the Horde!" attitude has been reduced and with the introduction of a new Night elf druid to let me take a look at low level quests on the Alliance side of things it's like the happy ending of a Bill Shakespeare classic. Y'know without the whole faking of death/confusing and suicide. That'd just be weird.

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  1. hey nice blog u got going there, but how can u make a male gnome without a combover?! haha