Friday, 22 January 2010

All aboard the failboat!

So I've been seeing all these posts about people's terrible experiences using the new LFG system and I was preparing to write a little "I've not found it that bad, true there's been a few dicks but they've been bareable etc" until earlier this week.

As usual, I was doing a daily normal on my level 77 shaman, I'd ticked the healer box and as per-ususal I was in a group as soon as you could say some quote from old-skool batman films. The instance was Gun'drak, not bad. Nice and fast and some decent loot knocking around.

So, as I usually do when healing, I spot the guy who's the tank, it's usually the one with the shield or the larger health pool. In this case it was a death knight, which was cool. I slap my earth shield on, set my totems up to support the casters as the DK had imp. Icy Talons and let everyone know I'm ready.

What happened next, can only be described as fail. The DK runs into the middle of the first room, pulling all 9 snakes and the boss. For 5 seconds, he didn't take any damage. Then for 2 and a half he did. Dead tank. Dead melee dps, dead warlock then dead me.

"omfg shit heler" is the cry from the retribution paladin.

"ffs" from a fury warrior, who actually proved for the rest of the instance that the only three phrases he knew where "ffs" "gogogo" and "sorry bb"

"???/" from the warlock

and all the tank could say, "sorry lol thought i was on my main"

Turns out his main is a paladin tank with eleventybillion health who looks like he's body popping when tanking mobs because he has that much avoidance.

So, we get back in and the "omfg"-adin decides he's going to go holy. I didn't mind, if he thought he could do better then let him try and I love to dps. So, we buff up and in charges out tank, this time only grabbing the first 3 snakes. 5 seconds, 6, 7, dead tank.

Turns out the healers idea of "going holy" was to wear a shield, a spellpower mace and to put on the heirloom cloth shoulders, he didn't even change specc.

And thus ended the grouping with the tank, ???/ and ffs-or. Leaving me with omfg-din. We'd been in there for 5 minutes, I wasn't leaving without my 2 badges, 30k XP and 20 something gold. I stuck us back in the LFG as two dps and within 15 minutes three other people came and restored my faith in humanity, even if it was just a tiny bit.

Now, one experience isn't that bad for me to start ranting and raving, sometimes shit happens but what happened two days ago on my Mage really did show the ugly side to the LFG.

I needed 5 more badges for my T9 helm, so I could get my T10 shoulder and keep the 4 set bonus. I'd done the daily already and was going to go for one more heroic before Icecrown, which was later that evening. I popped myself in the LFG system, grabbed a drink of water and I was in.

Ever heard the saying "It's like waiting for a bus then 3 come along at once?" It was like that, but with epic, epic fail. Not only did I try and do a random heroic, I tried to do it 8 times. And 8 times I failed. Either the tank sucked, the dps were terribad or the healer turned out to have the IQ of a carrot, all the time Italian was flying left right and fucking centre.

In the end, some guildies took pity on me, and we did a heroic in 15 minutes. I got my T10 later that night, kept my 4 set T9 bonus and got a kick arse staff off Festergut aswell. Which perked me up, a little.

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