Friday, 22 January 2010

Jakkru and Ercles most excellent adventure

So the other day, I was pottering around on my shaman, doing a bit of mining and questing when Ercles of the Barrens chat, yes, that is his offical title (look in the blogroll, his blawg is there, good stuff!) asks me "Do you want to see what's under Orgrimmar?"

Now, that's not a question you can easily go "No thanks, I'd rather mine and quest instead" too. It's a question where you go "OMFG YES!" While logging in your rogue so fast you actually realise you haven't given a reply but instead created a character called "gyes" I'm a fan of glitches in Warcraft, because sometimes they have cool stuff involved. Sometimes they look cool and other times they're funny for a little bit but then really annoying.

So there we are, Jakkru and Erc's mage (mis-fat-nachos) who's name I cannot actually spell but means something fancy in latin, about to set off on an epic adventure.

So, we meet up in Orgrimmar and head to the Valley of Honour (or as it's known in game, the Valley of Americanisms). I should have really screenshotted how we did it, but instead I shall use my epic paint skills!

So yeah, while Ercles was faffing around for 15 minutes trying to jump over the wall, I was doing a bit of exploring.

The large crater behind me is actually Ragefire Chasm. You can jump down and you get shoved right into the middle of RFC but with little blue bits sticking out which you can jump back out of and you're back under Orgrimmar. You can see the distinctive entrance behind me, you can run up to it and there's little inlets where the large wooden planks are in the tunnel leading in and out of Orgrimmar.

The proof that Erc actually made it! Standing under the Valley of Spirits, near the entrance that bridges over the Ashenvale/Durotar river.

We then moved onto Silvermoon City, where Erc said we'd be mingling with rockstars.

While we were running around, Erc was telling me about an addon which he's been using to make his video's (check his blog!) documenting Azeroth before it gets torn apart. Apparently he's seen what's under Hyjal and other places and there's vast expanses of the game that aren't even used!

I remember when I first started playing World of Warcraft, I thought the starting area was pretty much it. It was huge. Durotar was the biggest place on the planet, to my noobish Orc warrior brain. I didn't have a clue there was an entire other land across the swirly water! When I finally got used to the size of Azeroth, which took around 50 odd levels to do, out came TBC and then Lich King after that. The game keeps growing and growing and for that Blizzard, I cannot thank you enough. Offering new, exciting places to explore (or hate, depending on experiences there). I just cant believe there's stuff they dont use! I really think Blizzard should allow access to the top of Silvermoon, for this single reason:

Look at it, the effort that's gone into making it, amazing. The same could be said for the other areas, like those underneath Mount Hyjal. Seems a waste not to let people interact with those places more and more, considering the time and money spent. Maybe in the future, who knows but for now Blizzard, keep it coming and I dont know about you lot but I'm definitly looking forward to the changes coming in Cataclysm!


  1. I got some potential places for our next adventure! Oh, and you forgot about ZG. :(

  2. I did, but the screenshots didn't look all that good, the one of the glitchy room was basically just a green triangle across my screen plus the post was already full of pretty pictures!

    Next adventure? WOOP!