Thursday, 16 December 2010

*catches breath*

So I've been a bit quiet recently. I bet you can't guess why!

That's right, Cata is out and I've been knee deep in dragons, pygmys, goblins and worgens. My first impressions where as follows...

*Log in after digital download was complete*
Argent Dawn is full
Your position in the queue: 2833
Estimated Time Remaining: Calculating...

Fuck that for a bag of chips, off to Terenas I go!
*Logs straight in to Terenas - Medium pop servers ftw!*

Mhmm, mess about on the priest or roll a worg-

*Character creation page*

Rolls Worgen warrior, tempted to call it Edworgcullen/Jaycub but resisted, also tempted to create a guild called "Team Jacob".

Mess around on Worgen, everythings pretty grim but at the same time aweeeesome!
Get bored around level 7.

*Log back to Argent Dawn*
NO QUEUE! God bless the little kids mothers, forcing them to go to bed!

*Log in Jakkru, purchase Azeroth flying, explore*

And that's about it, I got Jakkru to 85, faction transferred my mage (he's now a goblin and amazingly cool!) and have been taming pretty looking pets on my hunter for a bit, just being a bit too in awe of how pretty this expansion is to do anything else really!

However, I've not given up on the 20 days of warcraft meme and while queuing for heroics shall be churning those posts out. I loved Pilf's little "where I'd be without Warcraft" post, even if it is soppy and romantic ^^

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  1. We need to get us some more noobs for Pining For The Fjords. It's lonely and I want a lion :p
    Should invite your alts at some point - remind me. Tempted to level my Hunter soonish who is over there these days.

  2. Soppy and romantic is what I do best <3

    On a side note - that guildie who I mentioned being in the chat channel... that was you ;)

  3. @Jae - yeah, we do! I'll give you a poke if I see you on Terenas while I'm on my little worgens.

    @Pilf - indeed you do! Ahhh, thanks Pilf :)