Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I took a longer look than usual at my character selection sheet the other day and came to the sudden realisation that I'm a massive melee whore, of my level 80's, 3 of them are melee. I like playing all three, as they've all got different play styles but at the same time, I feel like a rogue when playing my Frost DK, I dunno why, I just do.

So I thought it was time for a change and respecced my 2handed "OS" to Bloodtonk. This was my first roadblock, as I really had no idea about DK tanking. I quickly armouried Abso's main DK tank and grabbed his specc, then respecced, as I'd just specced blood DPS by accident *facepalm*

After the tank specc was sorted, I decided to grab whatever tank gear I might have accumulated over the few months I've been at 80. So off I trot to the bank, to be greeted by a bank vault with a pink dress, some stupid Halaa battlemarks and buff food in it. I obviously hadn't collected any tank gear.

I did a few randoms and in time, had some blues with defense on from some dungeon or other and the T9 gloves. At this point, I'd be queuing as dps, waiting 10-15 minutes and then doing the dungeon. I'd had enough and thought I'd learn by diving into the deep end. Except, this deep end was full of big, fuck-off crocodiles.

I get a healer friend from guild to come along and in we go, me with my 470 defense, 28k hp unbuffed and 5/13 peices of tank gear.


Pit of Saron heroic. I almost shit my pants. My healer friend actually did. It wasn't gonna be a nice dungeon run for him and as a first time DK tank, I was pretty damned scared but we actually did it, something happened, stars alligned, moons did something that astronomers say they do to sound "intelligent" when infact, they're just writing bollocks in a paper and we got through the entire dungeon without 1 wipe!

I put it down to awesome cooldown management, of course but in all truth it was my healer friends awesome healing that stopped me from looking like a massive fool. We even ran a few more heroics and I got a bit more tank gear, increasing my health and defense by tiny, tiny amounts.

I really did enjoy myself, it was kinda like dps except I'm y'know, getting twatted in the face by angry monsters/humans/undead/things and I liked dictating the pace of the pulls, instead of having the hang around waiting for senoir slow or almost die trying to keep up with speedy gonzales.

It's also gave me something to work on in the end of expansion bordem, as the perfectionist inside me is screaming out for me to get my arse up to 40k unbuffed and start tanking ICC10. Should be fun for me but it'll be hell for those unlucky enough to find themselves stuck with my tanking! *evil, tank like laugh*

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