Sunday, 12 September 2010

who said that?

Bad things tend to happen when I get bored. I jump at chances to get un-bored so when a friend of mine Alliance side asked me if I was free to help them take on the Lich King, I jumped at the chance. 9/10 of the members where from my mates guild, so I thought it'd be a nice easy night, they had a Kingslayer and apparently their best attempt was P3. So with that, I got the vent details and hopped in. Now, not people able to match voices to names because I dont use the retarded Overlay, I was apparently in a group with...

a soft-spoken scotsman.
a posh fella
someone with a very thick eastern-european accent
a monotinous german
a silent shadowpriest
fanboy of the monotinous german
someone who'd learnt english from american films
a silent tank
and someone who could barely be heard

We gave him a shot, and was almost into P3 when there was a huge mess up. Our silent SP wasn't paying attention and after dropping his defile, didn't move fast enough, which caused it to chain. I dusted my little Gnomish knees off and got ready for another attempt.

It's quite depressing that our first attempt was also our best. Our monotinous german wanted to twat anything in sight, regardless of how much aggro a tank had on it, causing in adds running wild during the Transition phase. This didn't help the fact our silent shadowpriest was more than likely silent due to being a retard than not having a working microphone, as he just couldn't stop making useless mistakes - not moving when he got the plague? oh yeah. mind searing the Lich King for shits and giggles? hell yes! and last but not least, not dps'ing the frozen orbs resulting in the entire raid going BOOM-AARRRRrrrrrrrrr--*splat*

Now, after about 5 more attempts, our monotinous german started, from as far as I could tell (it's a bit difficult when a guys voice sounds like he's in a perma-state of "meh) get angry. First it was the Silent SP's fault, then the tanks, then the healers, then the tanks, then the healers, then the SP and then the tanks again.

This anger spread, mainly due to his fanboi getting in on the act, gleefully pointing out that everyone elses dps was lower than the monotinous germans! Which was like throwing fire on a monotinous bonfire! "Yes, they all lack the skill to do LK" he said.

I snapped...a little bit. I actually managed to hold my tongue but for the attempt afterwards, I didn't single target dps, instead, I put Living Bomb on anything that moved and used Flamestrike as soon as it was up. To which I went "oh look, I can AoE too" in /ra after our wipe from a terribly placed defile.

A few wipes later and it just fell apart, I've never heard so much negativity on my life. The word "Fail" was wrote/spoke for times than when A level papers are marked and with that much negativity flying around, it was as if the Lich King had a new ability, something that affects you after death and keeps going, like Ressurection Sickness but it only affects dickheads, the voices on vent had turned to...

the soft-spoken scot was still soft-spoken and scottish
the posh fella sounded like he was complaining over the phone, to a foreign phone operater - he did a lot of shouting and repeated himself about 20 times.
the thick accented eastern european was stuck on the words "omg how are we failing?"
the german was still monotinous.
shadowpriest was still silent
the monotinous germans fanboy was following in his "heros" footsteps and just being a dickhead
our american film fella had turned into a whiny camp sounding american with a terrible accent
our tank was no longer silent and was correcting anything that was said by the monotinous german using combat logs
and the guy who couldn't be heard now could and all he was doing was swearing.

Needless to say, the so called "raid leader" who in all honesty only held that title because it said [RL] next to his name in the combat logs, called the raid almost an hour a fifteen minutes before the end time. Much to my relief.

It really did make me appreciate my guild(s). Both present and past, mainly because I've so far not found one that has more than 1 dickhead, who usually gets booted in a few hours because they've been found out to be a...dickhead. It also made me appreciate knowing who's talking, so you can tell them to shut the fuck up if needed.


  1. Haha, that's equally horrible and hilarious (love the way you word things :p). Reeeeally can't stand people who are so up themselves that they feel the need to belittle everybody around them, and the fanboys they accumulate in their dickheadish travels.

  2. the beauty of playing on EU servers - if the raid is just awful and horrid, you can at least get a kick out of all the different accents around ^^
    we had some funny times over this in my guild before. oh and I luv the scots!! <3