Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The "lesser" of two evils is actually quite fun

My Alliance characters on Argent Dawn are stupidly poor, and no one's to blame but me. I'm lazy, when it comes to dailies and levelling my (rather poor gold making) professions. I recently got in a guild with an old friend Alliance side (until other plans come into affect!), he actually helped the process a lot actually and they seem like a very nice bunch of people. They also raid 25 mans, which I did say I wasn't too keen on but at the same time, I'll try anything once except incest and morris dancing.

I've been trying to get rid of all my blue quality gems and at the same time, regem for fire and with my lack of cash, I either had to queue for dungeons or PvP. I'm impatient so I chose PvP.

Now, I've never really PvP'd anything other than a hunter or rogue, so mage was a very, very steep learning curve but I find out pretty damned fast that...

-I need PvP gear.
- Keep the hell away from anything with a big-fuck-off axe/mace/sword and an angry look on their face.
- Living Bombing pets is a bad idea.
- I need PvP gear.
- I dont like warriors.
- I need PvP gear.

Now, I dont have the badges and/or the honour to spend on PvP gear, so I thought I'd attempt to make do with running around with 18k hp, being a massive target to anything that wants an easy honour kill and spamming Living Bomb on everyfuckingthingthatmoves™ (except for pets! BAD IDEA!) I also decided on doing the following...

- Stayed with a group. On my own, I'm about as useful as a cat in a bin. In a group, I can be that little guy that stands behind the big one going "Yeaaaah!" But in this case, instead of going "Yeaaaaah!" I'm actually THROWING FIRE IN YOUR FACE!
- Ice Block is the universal sign for "Arrrrrrgh! I'm dyyyyyying! Heal meeee!"
- Ice Block is also a very big Warrior/Rogue/DK magnet, meaning that while you're iceblocked, they're hitting you and not your friends!
- He who runs, often finds a friend who's bigger and badder that what's chasing you.

After that, it got fun. I farmed 36k honour in about 3 hours and got a bunch of achievements, I'm in love with Warsong Gulch and Isle of Conquest but I still hate Eye of the Storm with a passion but I hate it slightly less than running in circles in Dalaran waiting for the dungeon timer...

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