Thursday, 21 October 2010


Since moving back up to Newcastle and getting back into the swing of things at University, I've not had that much time for WoW and when I have it's mainly been to log in, chat and log back out again.

I'd also had no time to read up about the changes in the patch, so when, one boring Wednesday afternoon I attempted to log in to find that 4.0.1 had been dropped on my face, I was like "ohhhh shiiii-"

I'm still pretty confused, having spent 90% of my time attempting to kill the training dummies on my characters and the other 10% was running around trying to tame new pets on Korgah. I have however realised one thing - I dont need a big-fuck-off-glowing-thing around Frostbolts, Blizzard, I kinda know what my main filler is for a Frost mage...

More to come when I finally get to do something other than go "How much for a glyph?!"

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