Saturday, 8 January 2011

Grinds my Gears

Do you know what really grinds my gears? Do you?!

Well, many things do but recently there's been one thing that's grinding my gears more than anything else in Warcraft...

Tanks. Not all of them, just the ones that leave a group during a pull, because it's not gone the way they liked.

This has happened so many times, as I'm usually part pugging groups during the day and there seems to be a shortage of guild tanks online then.

And the majority of the time, it's actually the tanks fault. Poor marking can lead to wipes now-a-days. Sure there's common sense but that's so common it's considered a god damned super-power.

Put your mark for roots on a caster? Well done, that's not CC'ing ANYTHING. It's actually about as much use as Anne Franks drumkit. It's still going to stand there, casting chain lightning on everyone and everything.

I've even had a sensible druid say this to the tank, who ignored the druid, pulled and then left as the healer had died from aggro'ing the mob that was rooted.

Now, at the start of every instance, I tell the tank that if he or she is going to be CC mobs, they should pull any un-CC'd mobs away, as I'm a fire mage and Living Bomb fucks shit up. I've had one tank who did this and he was from the same server as me and had a bit of sense about him. Every other tank hasn't done this, which means no Living Bomb for me and no fucking shit up. All makes Jakk a sad, sad panda.

Now, when a tank leaves mid-pull that usually means the other 4 people are scrambling for the "Leave party" button, to save themselves a repair bill because chances are, there's a fair few mobs pretty hungry for your blood now bearing down on you. This then means you either have to wait for your dungeon deserter debuff or queue again, which as a DPS takes FOR EVER. Just because you can get into a dungeon in the time it takes to say "haha, 5 second queue" doesn't mean you should drop a group at the first sign of trouble to save yourself a few gold. Take the hit, man up and stop being a little bitch...especially if the wipe was your fault.

And there, rant over.

Here's something more cheerful...

My vicious wolf-man-thing, when not ripping limbs from his enemies and snarling like a bad-ass...likes to pick flowers.

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  1. I agree on the 'tanks leaving' bit. I also hate it when I get a pug and they clearly don't know where they are going. Fine, I don't mind telling them the directions, but I do get angry when they don't listen and just run around like headless chickens. That's when I bail.