Monday, 24 May 2010

I want your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.

Getting hacked isn't a very nice experience. Getting hacked after failing an Exam? Fucking terrible experience.

I come back from pretty much failing, attempt to log on but first, decide to check Facebook. Some friends had been trying in vain to get a hold of me. I'd been hacked. After running a scan, I found nothing on there. Scanned again using different stuff, nothing. I changed the password, stuff like that. Got on.

Everything was naked. All gear had been sold, the stuff that couldn't be sold was in my bank, my bags had been sold. Absolute bastards. They'd also nicely grabbed a fucking tonne of stuff from 3 of the guilds my characters are in. Which makes me feel like a right wanker (thankfully, 2/3 have gotten the stuff back so far).

I got my gear, gold and badges pretty quickly on Argent Dawn but I'm still waiting on stuff on my characters on Darkmoon Faire. I'm also ordering an Authenticator.

There isn't a point to this post. People that do this are complete pricks. It's stealing, granted, it's not exactly something material but the amount of time I spent on my characters made looking at them in ruin made me a little bit sick. Infact, it's completely drained my will to play - atleast until I get an Authenticator. I'd highly suggest anyone that actually reads this blog (yeah, I know - lol!) and doesn't have an authenticator gets one. It's quite brutal getting hacked. Fucking wankers.

In other, more light hearted news, with the end of exams comes more time for blogging! Expect an RP post up pretty soon, I mean, I know people are 'dying' (once again, LOL - yeah right) to find out how the Battle for Warsong Gulch goes. I've also got a few thoughts on Heroic ICC10 (which was really, really fun but at the same time, kinda hard) and just my general pugging from the past month or so. It'll be good to get back but it'll be better once all my stuff has been restored.

Sorry to anyone affected by it - Members of Absolution, Enthusiasm and those awesome folk at SAN. Sorry <3


  1. Sweetie - more *hugs*. I'm sorry yesterday was such a pile of fail. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your DMF stuff to get sorted pronto.

    And yeah Authenticators ftw - that said, I didn't get mine until I got hacked...

    Pilf x

  2. *hugs* know how you feel hon x

    You will get everything back.. and the sick feeling goes eventually..

  3. *huge hugs* Main things is you're now sorted, and you're getting that authenticator. And yes. I quite agree with your view on the hackers. Honestly, what I wouldn't give for a room alone with one of them sometime and a rusty nutmeg grater......But sadly I don't think the thieves realise what an impact it makes, otherwise I don't think they'd do it.

    *more hugs - and cake*