Monday, 28 December 2009

Drumroll pur-LEEZ

That's right, another World of Warcraft related blog! After a little bit of thought, a lack of sleep and, possibly the contributer to 90% if not more of the blogs in the world, bordem I've decided to give this blogging lark a bit of a go.

As you can see, the name is Slash two (/2 as it shall be known henchforth as it is easier to type and stuffs) is the default trade channel in the World of Warcraft. As anyone that plays WoW will know, /2 is full of anything BUT trade. So that's what this blog will be full of, basically. If you're on an RP server (which, the majority of my characters are...), I will not be keeping trade chat IC, I will not be using the double brackets of wankyness.

So, this blog will be full of stuff like - QQ about nerfs/other classes being better than the currently class I was playing when I got owned by said class because I suck and I don't want to admit i- because they're overpowered. Stuff that has nothing to do with World of Warcraft (I'm a self confessed geek, there-fore other games may make an appearance from time to time). Stuff about raids. Bragging rights, etc etc. Hopefully it'll be the "good" parts of trade chat and not those fucking gold sellers which, if they're going to attempt to sell me gold might aswell learn english or get a better online translater...

Sometimes, they go to pretty impressive lengths

So anyways, WoW was the second MMORPG I ever played, with a brief run in with Guild Wars. My old main was a Warrior tank but after rolling an Undead Rogue I switched mains and haven't looked back since. I'm a self-proclaimed altaholic, with a Warrior, Hunter and Mage all at level 80 and a shaman and Death knight in the 70's.

I currently raid everything I can get my hands on, with all my level 80 characters. Some of it is in my guild, which I've been in from almost the start of my WoW life-time and some of it is in PuG's.

So yeah, that's pretty much is. WoW blog. Blogging will be of the WoW flavour the majority of the time. If that's your thing, take a looksie!

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