Friday, 6 May 2011

Late to my own blogs birthday ftw!

I've not done much in Patch 4.1 so I was bored this afternoon and while thinking of ideas for a post I decided to take a look through some of my oldest blog entries when I stumbled across my first post. After reading through my eyes fell onto the date it was published - 28/11/2010. Which makes Slash Two more than a year old...I talk about getting to 'parties' late but this one takes the piss!

But yeah, it's been an interesting one year of blogging. I've read some fantastic blogs, met some great people, joined a guild made by bloggers for bloggers (which sadly, isn't as active as it once was anymore...), got a lot of support from people in the blogosphere through a pretty bad few weeks and had some cracking times online!

Thanks to everyone that has read and commented on the blog so far, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it - see you in Azeroth!


  1. Gratz then Jakk :) Happy belated blogversary :D

  2. Silent lurker here. Belated happy blog birthday!