Friday, 22 April 2011

omgwtfbbq personal post lulwut?

Personal post Incoming, if you were expecting WoW related I think I mention it about once ^^

I'm some what of a hidden nerd and have suddenly come to the realisation that I need to find some 'nerdy' RL friends. I love the friends I've made up in Newcastle to bits but I really need to find some folks up in Newcastle that like gaming, be it shooting each other on the 360, or running around in Warcraft or something...

What's brought this all on? Well, this morning I watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (which I LOVED btw, amazing film) for the first time. I remember wanting to watch it in the cinema for ages when it was out but I didn't know anyone else who'd want to go with me, in WoW all of /g was banging on about how good it was but none of my mates would get it, especially the geeky references. It's lonely being the only nerd in the village (or city...)

Now if I was to sit and think about it, the guys I'm friends with all love sports - I'm not the exception, I've played rugby for most of my life, I like a kick-around with the boys and there's almost nothing better than sitting in the pub with a pint, going mental with your mates when your team score.

Now, notice I said 'almost nothing', my friends would have said 'nothing' seeing as they've never killed a raid boss after a night of wiping on the last try before calling it, headshot two guys with one bullet or got that weapon you've been farming that instance for about a month (which I got yesterday! wooo!).

I don't hide the fact I like gaming with my friends. Infact, one of the girls that hangs round with us that does Art was drawing us based on what we do and I got drawn in rugby kit but with thick rimmed 'nerdy' gigs and a gameboy in hand. (It's actually a pretty freakin' good drawing, I'll see if I can get a hold of a digital copy of it...) It's also something I get a bit of stick for...I've had to mute/deafen myself on vent during raids before because there's been a dog pile in my room of people.

Sometimes, a few of the guys will join me if I'm playing Call of Duty of Bad Company 2 but the only game they really like is Fifa and I fucking HATE Fifa. I'm sorry, but if I wanted to play football with my mates, I'd get a ball and go down the park...I know you could say that about any game but I really don't like sports video games...

I can't really complain, I like having both sides of it. I like going for a drink and talking about how good X's goal/try was against Y but sometimes, just sometimes, I'd love to chat to someone about how annoying it is to wipe on the same boss all night and not get anywhere, or how annoying pugging is without there being a computer screen and a keyboard infront of me...


  1. Know the feeling :)
    Least with my geeky reading I have one or two friends who I can chat to about that (except they moved to unis in far away places >.>), but with gaming? Well.. ok, I have Dan, but it's not the same!

  2. Hmm. I can sympathise, although I've got a couple of mates at work who are gamers, some of who even played warcrft for a while so I guess I'm doing ok. But is it so much to ask to share a beer or two and discuss the furore about the dungeon finder in person.

    Still, there are enough games and tech companies in Newcastle these days that there's got to be plenty of people in the same boat. Maybe check out the rock paper shotgun forums, as I know they've organised meetupsin the past. Perhaps there's a northeast meet...