Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ironically named guilds.

I've been getting bored recently. Spending more time on my lower level alts than I have on my 80's but yesterday, I was running around in circles in Dalaran on Coggins (my recently transferred warrior...gnomes, ftw) and saw a guild advertising that they needed a dps for a quick ICC10 run. They'd already killed Sindragosa and had Plague and Blood left to do before taking on the LK.

My first thoughts? Crackin'! I'll have a bit of that! So off I went, sending a /w, telling them I had experience of all bosses and that my rogue and shaman were Kingslayers. I then had to go for a gear inspection, while one of their members took a look on the armoury at Jakkru and Kranan. This reinforced my feelings that this would be good, I mean...they'd killed Sindragosa and finding a dps was very srs bizniss.

I got my invite and myself and the two advertisers were summoned to ICC, outside Festergut, all ready and raring. Awesome. We killed him right quick, Rotface too. Infact, I got a new kill record on both and finally reached 11k dps as fury! /cheer

There was a quick break before Putri, as one of the healers so subetly put, needed a shit. After his return, we made tracks to Putricide. Quick and easy kill, I thought and got into position under the green slime pump. This is where it kinda got a little weird.

Where is everyone? Was my first reaction. I took a quick look around and they're all over the other side of the room. Apparently, they dont believe the hugging tactic works and instead, like to do the highly-fucking-annoying-ring-around-a-fucking-rosie-tactic.

I'll cut about 13 wipes short and tell you that if they hadn't been using that retarded tactic, they'd have killed him the 2nd attempt. The time spent for all the dps to run from one side of the room back into the range of Putri, caused him to spawn another gas before P3, which we had to kill and he wiped us with around 100k health, which would have been what we'd have got off him if we didn't have to kill the gas cloud if we didn't have to run across the fucking room to fucking kill in the-ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH.

Now, I was a little pissed off, I mean, I had high expectations of this run, it'd seemed perfect - guild run, check. Sindragosa already dead? Well, I wouldn't get the frostwing halls achievement but fuck it, check. Decently geared people? Check.

After the Putricide fiasco, we moved onto Blood quarter, where the raid was called before we even got to the Princes, as they were wiping so hard on trash.

So I got my ress and hearthstoned, thinking "retards" but saying "thanks for the raid, was just unlucky!" The icing on this specific fail-cake was that the guild called Progress didn't make any. This shit writes itself sometimes.

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  1. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with Putricide. My guild tried the hugging tactic over and over, week after week, and couldn't kill him that way. So we use the ring around the rosie method, and now we one shot him every week. Don't blame the tactic, blame the players.