Thursday, 5 August 2010

bordem in pit of saron...

Jaina = J
Sylvanas = S

I got bored :D


Jakk: So, you two spend a lot of time in Pit of Saron, how're you both finding it?

J: I hate it! All those innocent people dying, it's terrible!
S: Well, I quite like it. For the same reason Jaina stated.

Jakk: All the time you're in there, ever cross each others paths?

S: Jaina keeps trying to get me to join her book club, they just read My Sisters Keeper over and over and cry...
J: It's a very good book!
S: I'm sure it is but do you really have to cry after your 20th read through?
J: I'm a very emotional person, Sylvanas!

Jakk: Well, people from both factions are well aware of that...Jaina.

J: And they're also aware that Sylvanas is a right heartless bitch!
S: Since when have you been from the North of England, Jaina? Last time I looked you had a pretty terrible American Accent going on.
J: And you sound like a prostitute.
S: Oh no. Your hateful words cut me deep...I may just cry.
J: Dont mock me!
S: You mock yourself!
J: Dont!
S: Do!

Jakk: Ladies, ladies. Let's not fight, we know the Horde and Alliance relationship is very fragile at the moment...

S: Maybe if they didn't cry all the time...
J: And maybe if they didn't have long, boring talks before boss fights.
S: I'd rather have one before a boss fight than after. Especially if it's going on when the group of 10 or 25 heros have already killed that big ugly thing that Professor Putricide has created. Yeah I've heard. About 20 minutes of that is you sobbing like a baby because your "King" as you so obidently call him lets someone past him.
J: Oh shut up...
S: Seriously, how do you manage if visiting a hotel. Do you just stand in the lobby crying...
J: Shut up.
S: What if someone's just being plain polite, do you shed a single-solitary-tear?
J: I hate you.
S: Go read My Sisters Keeper again.
J: Maybe I will!
S: Fine.
J: Fine.

*Jaina teleports out*

Jakk: Well...

S: What? She annoys me...

Jakk: Fair enough.

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  1. I someone had enough spare time, this would be a good machinima series!